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  Hey Community,   With Rogers NHL LIVE, you’re able to catch every out-of-market and national game during the season, including the Stanley Cup® Playoffs. That means that you can choose the coverage you want with home or away broadcasts and   stream over 1,000 live regular season NHL games   in high definition. Rogers customers can catch the action from different  GamePlus™ camera angles with simultaneous multi-camera viewing   and enjoy the action on the big screen with Apple TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Roku. You can also use your laptop, tablet or smartphone and your home Wi-Fi network, stream to your screen of choice with Google Chromecast.   PLUS: If you subscribe to Sportsnet™, TSN, RDS and TVA Sports as part of your TV package, you also get access to   those in-market games on Rogers NHL LIVE™.   Want to follow more than one game? Enjoy multi-game viewing (up to 4 games) using split-screen and quad-screen on your PC or laptop.   Watch or Listen On-the-Go Watch live games on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet when travelling in or outside of Canada (subject to local blackout restrictions). Listen anywhere to live game audio through your car stereo or smartphone. Get live scores, game-play alerts and in-game highlights no matter where you are.   Regional blackouts   are a mandate of the NHL, designed to cultivate and protect a team’s home market. For example, in order for the Ottawa Senators to grow their fan-base, they want people in Ottawa to watch their games over the Montreal Canadiens or Toronto Maple Leafs. These regional rights are then taken by the team and sold to a broadcaster. Each team has between 50-60 regional games per year. The remaining games are what is known as a “national” game, which is a game that can be viewed by anyone, from coast-to-coast, like Hockey Night in Canada. For an explanation of NHL blackout rules, click here > However, every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is a national game and therefore does not have any blackouts. Looking to watch the game but not sure where to watch it? Check out the handy   Where to Watch Tool   to find out!   What is the difference between “in-market” and “out-of-market” games?   Out-of-market: Games that do not feature the local team. Example: wanting to watch a Leafs game while living in Vancouver.  In-market: Games featuring the local team. Example: watching a Montreal game in Montreal. Rogers NHL LIVE™ is predominantly an out-of-market product. It allows people to follow their favourite team, if they are not a fan of the in-market one. In addition, it provides hundreds of other national games (such as Wednesday Night Hockey, Hockey Night in Canada and Rogers Hometown Hockey) and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It is still possible to watch the in-market team in Rogers NHL LIVE™, if you have a cable or satellite subscription that includes Sportsnet, TSN, TVA or RDS, with a participating TV provider. For an explanation of NHL blackout rules, click here >   Where outside of Canada can I watch NHL Live?   Fans can continue to live stream games while travelling in Canada or the U.S. Roaming charges may apply when not on the Rogers wireless network or when not on Wi-Fi, so we suggest you get a data roaming pack in advance if you choose to stream the games on a wireless network. Rogers Share Everything™ plans offer Roam Like Home, allowing you to use your Canadian wireless plan when you’re in one of 75 international countries.  Both National and Regional game blackouts still apply outside of Canada, so, please keep in mind that if a game is available on TV where you’re travelling to, you will not be able to access the game in Rogers NHL LIVE. Due to rights restrictions, Rogers NHL LIVE™ cannot be used in Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden. Data consumption is approx. 1GB/game when streamed to a smartphone and approx. 2-5GB/game when streamed to a tablet, computer, gaming console or TV (varies based on length of game, stream quality, device and other factors). Data usage exceeding your plan allotment (overage) is charged in increments rounded up to the next MB or GB (as applicable based on your plan). Standard roaming charges apply when not on the Rogers wireless network.   How to Access Rogers NHL LIVE™   Rogers customers on a Share Everything™ wireless plan or select 2-year term Rogers Ignite™ bundles get a free 2017-18 Season’s Pass subscription included with their plan. If you don’t know whether you’re a Rogers customer with an eligible plan, visit Pricing & Packages and select “Sign In” to check your eligibility. Rogers and Non-Rogers customers who aren’t eligible to get a free subscription can still subscribe by paying with a credit card Visit Pricing & Packages and select the purchase option that you would like to buy.   If you purchased a subscription to Rogers NHL LIVE™ through the NHL app you’ll be asked to sign in with a MyRogers ID (or to create a new MyRogers ID) as the final step. By signing in with a MyRogers ID or creating a MyRogers ID, you are making a connection between your In-App purchase and a MyRogers username. This is important because a MyRogers username enables you to stream live hockey games on all supported devices. Check out our list of supported devices > If you choose not to sign in with a MyRogers ID, you are able to stream live hockey games on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and 4 th  generation Apple TV, exclusively through your In-App purchase.   Remember that you can always sign in with a MyRogers ID at a later time to make the connection and watch on other devices. To do this, start up the NHL app and go to the Settings section then sign in where it says “My Rogers Account”. If you’ve just purchased a subscription to Rogers NHL LIVE™ through the NHL app, but you’re having trouble watching games on Apple TV or other devices you will be required to connect your in-app purchase with a MyRogers username – this acts as the login for Rogers NHL LIVE™ so that your subscription can be identified on other devices. To watch games on other devices, including your Desktop, Xbox, PlayStation, and Roku, you need to If you don’t yet have a MyRogers username, visit, click on REGISTER at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
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