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  I see a Credit limit amount on my invoice. What is a Credit limit? A Credit limit amount is the dollar amount your balance can reach before Rogers may suspend your services. This limit is based on your credit assessment at the time of activation. The total balance applied against the credit limit includes all billed and unbilled (pending) amounts for all subscribers on your account (that includes your monthly service fee, all one-time charges such as usage charges, hardware purchase charges, adjustments, etc.)   How can I check my available Credit limit on my account? And will I be notified if I am nearing my Credit limit? You can check your Credit limit Amount, billed and unbilled balances and available remaining balance at any time by logging into your MyRogers TM   account or by contacting us When you are nearing your Credit limit, you will be notified via text messages or by phone. If we are not able to reach you, we will leave you a message unless you do not have voicemail or if your voicemail box is full The best way to make sure your services are not suspended is to pay all of your monthly bills on time and in full If you receive a warning message, or if you know that you are probably going to be using your services more than usual, you may want to make advance payments. Advance payments are applied to any outstanding bill charges your may have. Any amount leftover will appear as a credit on your account and is applied towards your next month’s balance If your payment brings you below your Credit limit, your service will be restored once your payment is received and applied to your account. If you have a phone with a SIM card, you will need to turn the phone of then on again to restore service.
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