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When I receive an email notification that a reply has been posted in a thread I'm following on any other forum on the Internet, I click the link and I'm there, automatically logged in. With Rogers Community Forums. it takes me SEVEN clicks or actions to get to the same place. Please fix this so it's not so tedious and time consuming. One extra step involved, that does absolutely nothing, is I get a pop-up where I have to choose either my cable or cellphne account.

Just wondering if you can place some news channels on Anyplace TV.  I'd like to stream some news while on the computer.  Please consider adding CP24, CTV News Channel, BNN, and CBC News Network on there.   You have a lot of live sports on there already.  Why not newscasts?  Thanks!


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Usage Message Idea

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by 2 weeks ago

I thought there was a "Rogers Ideas" posting category. I remember using it before, but I can no longer find it.

Mod: Please move this to the proper location. Tx.


After reading a lot of chatter about usage and going over the limit, I would like to suggest sending clients a second "reached 95% " message just like you get a "reached 75%" message. It would help I think. 

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-02-2015 07:45 PM
Here is my list of issues with it. ..starting with my does not save my preference of alphabetical order of viewing always reverts back to most recent. it says new meaning newly recorded but it doesn't say if it is a new episode anymore. It doesn’t have date order or series order for viewing your upcoming or recorded shows, it doesn't allow you to choose which items you want to have to do it one by one or all scheduled or all totally. If you want to view each episode of a show you recorded you have to look at each one for info then to get back to scheduled ones you have to slowly go up until you reach the top of the episode list before you can look at the scheduled ones. It doesn't show the full info anymore....only partial show cannot read the writing on a small tv screen..too small print. Too monotone...very hard to distinguish one thing from another...this is for the guide too. You cannot read the name of shows properly...less characters showing for the titles...the search only lets you see one showing of that show not all times and channels, you cannot page up or down to find your shows faster and it is a slower processing time between each action. Also when you want to delete something it says do you want to delete yes or no then the yes or no disappears. And you have to hit exit after deleting the episode (if it is the only one) to see that it was deleted otherwise it looks like it is still name a few things...
Status: Acknowledged

Rogers TV Closed Captioning

by on ‎08-02-2015 09:43 AM

I have a suggestion for the relocation of the CC button on the TV screen. When you hit the "Info" button to turn the CC on, it's 7 spaces over to the right each time. When you want to turn the CC off, it's 7 spaces over to the right each time. Why can't Rogers just place the CC at the extreme left or at least in 2nd place to the left so people don't have to keep arrowing over to the 7th spot each time? It would make it so much easier and faster each time we want to do that.


Back up recordings.

Status: New idea
by Resident Expert on ‎07-28-2015 10:14 AM

In view of today's NAVIGATR debacle, where this new, insufficiently tested, Guide wiped out customers' recordings, there really needs to be a way to back them up. This is routine in the computer world, but unavailable for PVRs.


So here's my idea:  Rogers should have all programming archived for a limited time in case of such disasters, even just a month would do. Rogers should also maintain a list of customers' existing and scheduled recordings linked to their accounts. Then, when disaster strikes, like bungled update, or just a PVR dying, this data can be restored to a wiped or replaced PVR.


2 different dates on online bill

Status: New idea
by on ‎07-27-2015 08:47 PM

There are two different dates on my online bill since forever, the top date is always 3 days later than the bottom date. One time I made a mistake of taking the top date without looking at the bottom one, and got a late charge. THIS IS TOTALLY STUPID. / support for RON

Status: New idea
by on ‎07-23-2015 05:17 PM - last edited on ‎07-27-2015 01:16 PM by Community Specialist

Probably have been posted before, but anyway, it would be really nice to, finally, bring aka support to Rogers One Number. It's the second most popular email service in the world and it supports all the modern protocols (if not more and better) than gmail and yahoo. I understand that is the backend for email service, but many people use and without being bell customers, so it's only beneficial to Rogers, considering adding the support is not going to take a lot of programming resources.




The Return of Price Match

Status: New idea
by on ‎07-03-2015 01:53 PM

Not really a new idea, but an old idea that I thought was really useful for customers.  Price Match was a guarantee that you were getting the best deals on Rogers.  Please return it.


Rogers Community App

Status: New idea
by Rogers Employee ShakTib on ‎06-23-2015 02:21 PM

Primary/Main Idea: Rogers Community App

An App that isn't browser based. I can't load things correctly via browser a lot of times and I wish there was an App where I can just help a lot more easily! Browser itself has some scripting issues. (On FireFox, Chrome and Android for sure since that's what I use. IE works fine)

An App that isn't just a Browser Redirect would be helpful!


Maybe linked to MyRogers / MyAccount App but NOT as a browser redirect.


Secondary Idea: Have the Option in User Settings to "Stay Logged in" or avoid "Session Time Out" - Constant log-out after some Idle time is unfortunate, because my passwords are ususally logg and complicated (and I don't save my password on browsers)


Any takers? Any Feedback?


Data Stash. Like T-mobile in the USA

Status: New idea
by on ‎06-11-2015 11:13 PM

They say Rogers is always the first for new things, and this is a feature that most Canadians would agree we deserve. I have 10gb on my mobile data plan i some times only use 5-7gb it would be nice for that remianing 3-5gb to cross over into the next month. Plus we pay alot more for are data then are friends south of the boarder so this would be a very nice feature.

Program Nextbox via Browser

Status: New idea
by on ‎05-27-2015 02:44 PM

Allow customers to access and program their Nextbox PVR from anywhere in the world via an Internet browser. This would allow a loyal Rogers customer who may not have a Smartphone to record a program remotely from a hotel or cottage in case the program recording had been inadvertently forgotten before leaving town for the weekend.


Roger rewards - bill credit

Status: New idea
by Resident Expert on ‎05-25-2015 02:19 PM

Notice that there are roger rewards for bill credit of 75.00, 100.00 and 200.00 


My suggestion is to maybe also have them for 25.00 and 50.00 for us whom have smaller monthly balances.. 

Also with a smaller monthly rate it takes us longer to accumulate points... This would make the bill credit reward more achievable for us.....


so 25.00 and 50.00 bill credits would make it easier for us to take advantage of this awesome reward!




Nextbox 3.0 Usability Improvements

Status: New idea
by on ‎05-24-2015 06:54 PM
1) Currently the start and stop options for recordings is limited to a picklist: On Time, 5 Minutes Before/After, 10 Minutes Before/After, 15 Minutes Before/After, 30 Minutes Before/After, 1 Hour Before/After, and 3 Hours Before/After. The picklist for these options was a poor UX design. It should allow the user to set any number of minutes starting at 1. Many times I wish I could just have it start and end 1 minute before and after the scheduled times. Starting and ending 5 minutes before and after is too much and it wastes precious space on the PVR.
2) While there is the option to select multiple recordings in your list and bulk delete them, I find myself many times wishing that I could select multiple recordings and bulk change their Save Until policies.
3) In the same vein as 2, user experience would be greatly improved if the Save Until policies included options like 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, etc.

Rogers Coverage Maps

Status: New idea
by on ‎04-23-2015 08:28 PM

The new coverage maps are hard to read, compared to the old version. Before each network (edge, hspa+, lte) was a different colour, but now they are all one colour and the patterns used to seperate them are really hard to see.

Please seperate each network for different colours.


In addition, it would be great to have printable PDF coverage maps per province.


Windows Phone Suretap

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-23-2015 08:26 PM

With Windows Phone supporting both NFC and mobile payments, it would be great to see Rogers expand their Suretap payment option to the platform! I would love to pay with my phone.

Status: Acknowledged

Rogers EXT without usage restrictions

Status: New idea
by on ‎04-23-2015 08:24 PM

I would like to recommend a simple $5-10/month addon that would allow me/users to use my plan 'as-is' the Extended Roaming coverage without the usage restrictions. When Rogers has network coverage, it is by far the best! I would prefer to pay a little extra a month and keep my plan, then to switch to another carrier.


OS Update Page for tablets.

Status: New idea
by Resident Expert on ‎04-17-2015 09:54 AM

Hey everyone and staff! 


I have a idea which i thought I would share.  I noticed the OS Upgrade Schedule doesn't have the tablets added on there. Rogers carries tablets which are locked to Rogers and unlocked. It would be nice if Rogers started added those tablets in the OS Upgrade Schedule so customers know when the new update will arrive! 


Tutorial for the new look forum

Status: Being reviewed
by Resident Expert on ‎04-02-2015 11:11 PM - last edited on ‎07-13-2015 03:05 PM by Community Manager

Since the forum got its facelift, a lot of users have been very confused, myself included. The change is quite a shock from how it was before and even the old one was quite unlike most other forums on the Internet.  It would be very helpful if someone produced a simple tutorial on how to navigate the forum and find new messages.

Status: Being reviewed

Example: I'm three days from the end of my billing period, and I need to decide if I should cut back on my usage.

Rogers Customer Service says "It's easy, just go check your usage"...


I see I have 19GB left - but what does that mean? If I've used 10GB today and 10GB yesterday, I'm already over my limit, but don't even know it yet - and I still have three days go go!

However if I've only used 3GB today and 4GB yesterday, I have (19 - 7) / 3 = 4GB per day to spend for the next three days - yay!


So as you can see, the 48 hour delay puts Rogers "Usage Monitoring" in the stone age. It's very very simple to be completely bushwhacked by overage charges at the end of the month - you saw my example where it's not possible to know whether or not I am able to watch Netflix etc. without extra charges. And that's with one fifth of my 120GB bandwidth remaining for less than a fifth of a month - a very typical case.


It is NOT technically difficult to reduce the latency. I'm a software engineer and web developer. I know if you have data tracked on a per-day basis, you could poll this data at any desired rate. It just costs computation time. Changing to every 6 hours would drastically improve your consumers ability to use your service.


A 24 hour delay is even "reasonable" - getting performed just after midnight. However there is NO excuse I will believe, which explains how it could take the following 24 hours to "process the results" and present them (for the total 48h delay).

A modern ISP would display up-to-the hour or better usage monitoring.


TL;DR Consumers can't make informed decisions with the internet usage monitoring having a pointlessly long delay of 48 hours. My idea: Fix it! Reduce the delay for processing to every 6 hours.


Status: Acknowledged
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