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OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

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I installed OneNumber on my Blackberry Bold 9900 a couple weeks ago.  The first few syncs worked fine, and when I log in via the web, I would see all my contacts updated properly.


Starting last week, I noticed that new & modified contacts weren't being displayed on the web version.  When I check Sync History on the app installed on my Blackberry, I noticed that each sync had "failed" as the status.  I know sync will fail if the battery is too low, but that's never been the case for these failed.  There isn't an explanation that I've been able to figure out.


Does anyone know how I can determine the reason for the failure, and how I can fix this?





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Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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I spoke to tech help chat tonight, and they weren't able to resolve my problems, so it's been escalated to Tier II and I should expect to receive a call in 48-72 hours.


I also forgot to mention the unsuccessful steps I've taken so far in troubleshooting:

 - Turn off phone, remove battery & sim card, then reboot.

 - Ensure battery is at 100%

 - Make sure internet connection with Rogers works (i.e. turn of wifi)

 - Delete the app, reboot phone, re-install the app.


If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd welcome them!


Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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Well, it's been 156 hours and still no call back... Gonna wait it out and see how long 48-72 hours equals in Rogers time. 


Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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Here's an update....


Someone did phone me back to follow up after 180 hours (Thurs @ noon).  I'm not sure if it was due to my original ticket or the fact I tweeted @rogershelps. Unfortunately I missed the call, and the message was rambling & muffled.  Neither my friend, nor I, could decipher it. 

So, today I called Rogers 1.888.764.3771, and after spending 30 minutes on hold, I did some more troubleshooting.  They elevated my ticket to the next level (I assume III) and gave me a new ticket/case #.  They also said that I would probably have more success in resolving my issue if I called them back on Monday (rather than wait for a return call).

Troubleshooting/Extra information:
 - Successfully did a contact sync via Blackberry desktop software from Device to Outlook. 21 changes
 - Tried making change via PC online portal & do a new sync.  Still failed. (Change was not synced to device)
 - Tried making change on cellphone, and do a new sync.  Still failed. (change was not synced to online portal)
 - Tried different sync settings: daily, manual, at any change.  All failed.
 - Provide them with the count of how many contacts:  ~5200

So, the problem persists...

Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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Day 12 and still no luck...


24 Sept 8 pm.  Waited 30 minutes on hold.  The guy who answered was really nice, and patient.  It took him 15 minutes to get through to tier II support.

Tier II support said I had to delete the app and re-install it again (which I'd already tried on Sept 12th).  That took 30 minutes, which support guy waited patiently.
After 30 minutes, sync was taking too long, so he said to phone back if there's a problem.
He said, iff there is still a problem, then tier II tech support will look more closely at account settings.  
If they don't see anything, then my account will have to be detached from rogers one number for 24 hours and then re-attached.

9:15 pm (2 minutes after getting off phone), the sync failed.  
It did however, manage to add 300+ duplicate contacts to my phone's address book.
I stupidly forgot to back up my address book. dumb dumb dumb.  But I did some fancy footwork to get it all cleaned up... and backed up.

24 Sept 9:30 pm.  Waited 15 minuytes on hold.  The guy who answered wasn't very helpful.
He said everything was fine with the ticket and to expect a call in 24-48 hours.
I tried to explain the situation, but he didn't seem interested.  And just kept saying to expect a call in 24-48 hours.

Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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Here's an update... They've been working on my ticket, so now Rogers1Number is working kinda funny-like.

Rogers1Number has added more than 5000 duplicate contacts onto my phone, as well, it takes up ~95% of my phone's CPU, making it unusable.

So, they added the notes below, said I could restore my address book from my backup & that there was no need to phone Rogers back.  My ticket is being worked on. 

Here are more details:


  • no matter what the sync setting is (daily, manual, etc) it doesnt seem to have any impact.  sync only happens when app is launched.
  • never successfully completes when connected to wifi. Sometimes completes when connected only to Rogers network
  • Rogers successful sync takes over an hour and added 2000+ duplicate contacts. Keeps adding more duplicates of same contacts on subsequent syncs, anywhere from 100 dups to 1000+. E.g 3 copies of same contact.
  • With wifi, it fails and one failed sync lasted 56 minutes and added 1500 duplicates
  • Sync has been using ~95% of my CPU for the past 3 hours making my phone almost unusable. And during those 2 hours none of the syncs were successful. It seems to keep generating sync after sync, after sync... despite the sync setting being "manual"
  • Also hasn't successfully synced any changes from device to portal. Only syncs have happened from portal to device.


I'm at 9 business days now waiting on a solution, and I've invested ~10 hours of my time... at a cheap $30/hour, means Rogers owes me about $300 for my time... I wonder how I can get them to pay. haha.

Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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Day #17: 

On Friday, Sept 28th @ 8 pm, I phoned Rogers for an update on my ticket.


I spoke to Ian, who said there were no open tickets on my account. The last one was closed on sept 20th. He said I would have to provide more information. I expressed frustration since I should have a ticket open.  He said he was sorry, but I would have to provide him a summary.


After my summary, he said that he could now see 2 open tickets on my account (did he lie before?). And that there wasn't much he could do in his department. (Tech support). I asked which department I need to contact and he said, it would be level 2 tech support, which only he can contact. He asked if I wanted him to contact the level 2 support for an update. I said yes.


After a 5 minute wait, he said both escalated tickets were at the top of the queue and should be resolved in 24 hours.


I also mentioned that I noticed my voicemail-to-text had stopped working, and he said that process is linked in server side to the rogers 1 number, and it's highly likely that solving the rogers 1 number problem should solve my voicemail problem.


It's been a busy weekend, so I haven't had time to see if Rogers1Number is working yet... but no one has phoned.

Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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Time Spent: 0.5 hours = 11.5 hour
Days since opening ticket: 27

I spoke with Rowan or Roman. He said there were no updates on my ticket. He indicated that since rogers 1number is newer tickets seem to be taking longer to be resolved.

I asked if there's an estimate at all, and he said there wasn't one. I asked if it's possible it's possible to find out if the ticket will actually be resolved, or if I'm wasting my time waiting. I need a wireless contact syncing solution. He said the ticket is still open, so that's a good sign. He's seen cases where they just close the ticket.

I asked about whether it's possible to just delete my rogers 1number account, and re-add it. He said that's possible, but it might not resolve the problem. He also said he recommends waiting 5 days between having rogers delete the 1number account, and me re-creating it. Deleting the account will also prevent tier II Support from being able to debug the problem. So, I decided to wait and give it a couple more weeks. What's 2 more, when I've been waiting 4.

On a side note, when I first installed 1number in early august, it did a bad sync which left me with 5500 contacts that needed deleting. Rogers support told me the only solution was for me to manually delete them 1 at a time, which took me ~8000 clicks and 10 hrs. Now I find out the guy could have just deleted my account. FRIG!

Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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So, after 1 month, 8 phone calls and 11.5 hours lost, my ticket was closed today. The voicemail I received said the problem was that I was using wifi. And if I never use wifi, that eveything thing will be fine.

There's 2 problems with this solution:
1. The solution doesn't work. On Sept 12th, when I opened the ticket, troubleshooting step #3 clearly stated that disabling wifi does not solve the problem. I still get failures.
2. The solution isn't practical. I use wifi a lot. Telling me that I can no longer use wifi isn't a practical solution.

Guess I'm going to have to waste more time on the phone. Frig.

Re: OneNumber Sync on Blackberry always says "Failed", and won't sync to web

I Plan to Stick Around
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Time Spent: 4.5 hours = 16.5 hours
Days since opening ticket: 32

Summary:  I've tried new troubleshooting, by wiping my phone and only installing Rogers1Number, and I've discovered 3 defects listed at bottom, the major of which is that adding a new contact on my device causes the sync to fail.

On 10 Oct @ 5 pm, I tweeted: "1 mth & 12 calls after opening a ticket w/ @RogersHelps they closed it today. Solution:"don't use wifi". Doesn't solve problem.#notpractical"
@RogersHelps got back to me, and requested I try another troubleshooting step:  Determine whether data in my address book is causing the problems with the sync.  


New troubleshooting:
1. Backup everything via desktop manager
2. Security Wipe all data & applications.
3. Install Rogers1Number
4. Wait for SYnc to happen from the Server/Portal to my device.  If all goes well, then chances are it has to do with the data in my address book.


13 Oct 8 pm: I wasn't at my computer for a few days.  So, on 13 Oct @ 8 pm, I started the troubleshooting steps.  Before starting, I noticed that the Rogers1Number portal/server is missing ~600 of my contacts.  I'm not sure who deleted them, but they definitely used to be there.

Sync #1: "Success", but only added 3270 of the ~4800 contacts to my device. (46m22s)
Sync #2: "Success", added another 1596 contacts, also modified 136 contacts on the server (sounds like a defect!).  (1h3m34s)
Sync #3: "Success". No changes. (17s)
Sync #4: "Success". No changes. (17s)
Sync #5: "Success". No changes. (12s)

Testing syncs.  Done in this order:
Test #1: Server --> Device Sync (new contact). I can't test this.  When I try to add a new contact, I get an error popup in the portal saying "Contact Error: Failed to Add Contact".
Test #2: Server --> Device Sync (edit). Status="Success". It worked. I modified a contact on the portal/server, and it synced properly to my device.
Test #3: Device --> Server Sync (new contact). Status="Failed", and it did NOT work. I added a new contact, and the sync did not add it to the portal/server. The new contact was just a first name ("0000") & last name ("0000").
Test #4: Device --> Server Sync (edit). Status="Failed", but it actually worked for the edit. I edited the "Notes" field of a contact, and the sync "Failed" after 19s. It does say "Server Modified: 1".  When I check the server/portal, it has the edit I made.  This leads me to believe the "Failed" status is for the new device contact, not the edit I made.

So, I deleted the new contact I added to my device in test #3, and the next sync said "Success".

Test #5: Device --> Server Sync (new contact with first name, last name, email & phone).  Status="Failed".

So, my conclusion is that there are 3 bugs:
1. If I add a new contact to my device, the sync will always say "Failed" and it will not appear in the portal/server.
2. After the first sync from server --> Device, the second sync sends 136 modifications back to the server.  This indicates that fields are likely being mismatched during synching. 
3. I cannot add a new contact via the Rogers1Number portal/server.

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