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Can't watch some recorded shows

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We have 1 pvr box and one non PVR box. We record a show and go to watch it on the other box and it sticks on "plaease wait, loading". 


Any ideas why and how to fix it?





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Re: Can't watch some recorded shows

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Hello Puzuma

Does this happen with all the recordings you do?. I am assuming you have Whole Home PVR correct? Are both boxes the 8642 HD PVR and the 4642 HD box?. If so then something is stopping it from playing on the HD box.

Re: Can't watch some recorded shows

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Any time this happens I just reboot the PVR and it seems to work until the next time lol.

Re: Can't watch some recorded shows

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If when this was all done, if you didnt have a tech out and check all the TV's/Signals.. i would recomend calling back in and have one call out.  COULD be a signal issue.

I did have this originaly with my bedroom HD box.. signal was not strong enough.  They changed the config around a bit, added a signal booster, and havent had it happen since


Obviously, do this after the reboot and trying Smiley Happy  Rule of thumb, just like with a PC.  Have an issue? Try rebooting the box, often that will clear it up.

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