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SA8300HD PVR subject to random rebooting

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It seems another side effct of the new firmware update is that some people are experiencing random reboots of their PVR. This has been discussed on the Digital Forum.


We too have been suffering from these seemingly random reboots. There is no set time of day. They can happen at any time. One was particularly upsetting early Thursday morning. After the reboot, we discovered that we had lost about 200 shows on our PVR (with 1TB eHDD attached). Recording space used went from 46% to 3%. Called Rogers and was told no updates had been scheduled at that time. They issued a ticket of course - a lot of good that will do!

Last night, it rebooted again at around 9:30 PM. It was in the middle of recording a show scheduled from 8-10 PM. Now normally, after the reboot, the scheduled show will begin recording again. This time it did not. We checked the scheduled recordings list and it now showed the recording to begin at 10:43 PM and end at 11:01 PM. The show is not even on at that time! Weird!



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