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8300HD will no longer record programs

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I live in Ottawa (Nepean). Yesterday (Wednesday, Feb 9, 2011), my PVR rebooted itself at around 10:15pm. I figured it must have been some type of firmware update, done during primetime for some reason. Now the PVR can no longer record new programs. The RECORD light goes on, the menus indicate that the program is recording, but nothing new gets added to the Program List. Trying to play back the program during recording results in a blank screen. Programs that were already recorded appear to play with no issues. 


Not sure if this was indeed a firmware update or an issue with my specific box.


Another funny thing after the reboot is the used space went down from 95% or so to 82%. The few existing programs I've tried to play back have succeeded, so I don't know if anything has been deleted or if some previously unavailable space has been freed up.




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Re: 8300HD will no longer record programs

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Try to power cycle the box and see if the problem still exists.

I don't think they would push firmware during prime time.. It's usually 3:00 am..

Re: 8300HD will no longer record programs

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There could be several things that may have happened that caused this to happen. My advice for this situation is to contact our customer support team and speak with Cable Repair Tier II regarding * 8300 PVR Unable to play back or record *.


Our trained representitive will work to resolve this for you.


1-888ROGERS1 (1-888-764-3771)


If you have any further questions please ask,




Re: 8300HD will no longer record programs

I'm Here A Lot
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Thank you both. Unfortunately I'll have to wait till this evening to get home and try both of these suggestions.

Re: 8300HD will no longer record programs

I'm Here A Lot
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Another reboot did indeed fix the box. Also, the space occupied jumped back up to where it was before.

Re: 8300HD will no longer record programs

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Great news, happy the reboot fixed your issue! Smiley Happy





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