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Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

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Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

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Just installed the Cisco HD box (4642), reading all these great things about the quick start menu (weather forecast, games) but it doesn't show up?!?!?!

My box goes directly to TV channel listings when I hit guide.

Please tell me what I might be doing wrong.


Also, is there any way to remove black bars so that non-HD channels automatically use the zoom function, but HD ones are in normal mode???


Thanks for any help!





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Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

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Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

At the present time your Cisco 4642 is not compatible with either Quick Start or TV Call Display. I have heard that both will eventually be added. Actually, many people would think the absence of the Quick Start menu is a good thing!


As for removing the black bars on SD channels, you probably don't want to do this. HD uses a 16:9 aspect ratio while for SD, the aspect ratio is 4:3. If you zoom or stretch the 4:3 picture, you will get distortion with overall picture quality decreasing. As an example, people will look 33% fatter. Better to stick with the 4:3 format for SD, while enjoying 16:9 full screen format for HD programming.

Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD


Thank you so much for the help!

And please don't take my anger as being directed at you.....


But how the H.... E...... double hockey sticks, does Rogers sell me a unit, only a month ago, from one of their own stores, the only unit I had the option of buying there for HD (non PVR), and one that was very expensive at that, that is not compatible with all their latest features!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How ridiculous is it, to read the first 10 pages of a manual, located in the box, and the unit doesn't even support that feature.  If the guy said to me, this unit does not support all the features, you should buy this other one, I would have considered it.  Once again, from what I could see, this was the only one they sold, at a Rogers store for HD!


Absolutely bush league!


I'll try to take some comfort in your comment that I should be happy it doesn't have the feature as meaning it hasn't been a huge success.  So maybe I should consider myself lucky.


Thanks again for the prompt reply though, very much appreciated!



Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

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Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

@Elaine there has been a lot of complaints about the quickstart menu, not to say that everyone hates it but a large vocal crowd does. Because of this I believe Rogers has delayed adding that feature to the new Cisco boxes.


That said going into the future the cisco boxes will support more and more features and eventually surpass the older SA boxes. Eventually rogers will start sending HD content encoded in mpeg4 which is not supported by the older boxes.. This will save them bandwidth in which they can offer on demand faster and more channels overall. There are other features possible with the cisco boxes such as having one pvr record a program and play it back on another. This feature is not available at the moment but it is possible with the new boxes.


It is too bad that you were not warned at the time of purchase that not all current features were supported on that model, but in the end you did get the better hardware.


Who know maybe tomorrow Rogers will release those features on the Cisco branded boxes.. We'll never know..

Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

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Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

you should be happy there is no quickstart. i know i would

Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD

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Re: Where is quick start? - Cisco 4642HD


I certainly don't take any anger as directed at me. I, like you, am just a Roger's customer. I have my own things that I am angry at Rogers about (too many to list here). The Quick Start was one of them when it was first introduced. Since they have introduced the fix that allows you to configure the Guide to come up first, I seldom look at the Quick Start anymore. I would be more upset if I had one of the new boxes and found out that TV Call Display did not work and you have every right to be angry that the person who sold you the box did not tell you about any of this before you purchased the box. 

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