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Re: (mainly) good news on PVR Extender

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Clearly Pauly, you are not of any help so if anyone else has bought  the WD My Book AV recently please post your experience with this External Harddrive and the 8300..


And Pauly, there is a link right in "turner's" first post about this hard drive...



Re: (mainly) good news on PVR Extender

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Although I don't know Pauly, he does post a lot of useful advice on the Rogers TV and Internet forums.
Just because he can't solve your one problem (and from what I've read, he tried to make an effort), it does not mean you can be rude to him ... nor to everyone else who contributes to this forum.

Re: (mainly) good news on PVR Extender

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exactly speedy1701, thank you! we need more people on this forum like you who are apprecaitive of the people who go out of their way and post advice, and we do not get paid to do so either, we are volunteering our free time to help others.
I'm NOT a Rogers employee. I'm a Rogers Community Resident Expert and I'm here to help. To learn more about the Resident Expert program, click here
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Re: (mainly) good news on PVR Extender

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SA 8300HD with a 1 TB WD eHDD in a Vantek enclosure (home made).  Been working well for three years. I'm having the same problem as others describe, with shows on the eHDD being inaccessible and the percent used going from 45% to 5%,


Does anybody know if Rogers rolled out a firmware update on Monday or Tuesday night?

And does anyone know if the missing shows ever come back, or do I have to reformat my eHDD?


Many thanks.

Re: (mainly) good news on PVR Extender

I've Been Here Awhile
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I am having the exact same problem. I have a SA 8300hd with a 500gb Seagate all purchased from Rogers (not rented). All worked fine until Mon. Jan 9th 2012. That is when I discovered that I could not view my (highly anticipated) Downton Abbey, season 2 premier. Aaaaargh!!! Rogers support gave me no help other than providing a telephone number for a repair service since my box is out of warranty. I did a bit of exploring online and I discovered this forum and read all messages related to my problem. I was shocked to see that most of the messages were almost one year old. I've lost all my recordings made prior to Monday at about 5pm but I am most annoyed that I almost went out and paid for a repair job I obviously did not need. (Actually, I had mixed feelings when I thought my PVR had died. My first reaction was, "Yaaay. Now I an just ditch Rogers and go to Bell Fibe and FINALLY get the Whole Home PVR feature. ")

Buy the Rogers Extender - or is it money down the toilet?

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I have the 8300 and I am thinking of buying either the 500 GB or 1 TB extender from Rogers. I see they've dropped in price over the past year. Will I be disappointed? Will it work without glitching on HD?


My history with other extenders hasn't been good. I bought the older WD 1 Tb VVR a few years ago and got nothing but glitches in the HD mode so I scrapped that. (I have not tried the newer My Book AV) I then rigged up a DIY extender (using some other WD drive and a Rosewell enclosure) but got similar results. I scrapped it recently after the unit failed to recognize recordings. I thought maybe it was due to the drive, etc, but now I see - from this board- that it was likely due to software changes to the PVR.


I've told my wife not to expect to archive any recordings on the PVR (or any extender if I buy) as the software changes can threaten them at any time, but what can I expect from the Roger's Seagate? I want glitch free recording.


Is the 500 gig size considered more reiable than the 1 Tb? Should I forget about ANY extender?



Re: Buy the Rogers Extender - or is it money down the toilet?

I've Been Here Awhile
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My 500 gb Seagate Extender worked flawlessly for just about three full years. Sadly, last Monday, I experienced the same problem others have described in this forum thread. None of my saved recordings would play back but all of them still appeared in the list. There were several reboots immediately prior to my becoming aware of this problem. Once again, the extender is working just fine. I did discover one thing in the course of the week. All the programmes I have recorded since the incident last Monday have gone right to the Extender. I discovered this when I unplugged the Extender in order to rule out any problem recording on the PVR itself. Can anyone confirm that there was a firmware update in the downtown Toronto area on Sunday or Monday, Jan. 8th or 9 th?

Re: Buy the Rogers Extender - or is it money down the toilet?

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I can't comfirm a software update but my issues (which are the same as everyone is reporting) started in or around that time. Previous to that my Western Digital 1 terrabyte extender worked flawlesly.  I have had the extender for at least two years.

Extender causing PVR to "hang" when rebooting

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I have a 500gb Rogers Extender and a Rogers SA 8300HD PVR.  As of 2 weeks ago, the PVR rebooted itself and would hang (i.e. after the word "boot" on the PVR panel, it went blank and stayed that way).  When I unplugged the Extender and rebooted the PVR, it would reboot just fine.  Reconnect the Extender and reboot - same hanging problem.


Fixed the problem yesterday by connecting the Extender to my PC and using Windows to re-initialize the hard drive inside the Extender.  Had to buy a SATA to eSATA cable to plug into the PC Motherboard (fortunately I had an unused SATA jack on the motherboard).  Powered up the Extender then powered up the PC.  Went into Disk Management and could see the Extender as one of my drives, but Windows said it was "Not Initialized".  Right-clicked on the words "Not Initialized", up came a menu and then I clicked on "Initialize".  After it was done, I turned off the PC, unpowered the Extender and hooked it back up to my PVR.  Although I lost my saved shows (the PVR had to reformat the Extender), it appears to be back to normal after successfully rebooting.


Not sure what caused the problem in the first place, but glad it's working again (especially since I've only had the Extender for less than 2 months).

Re: Extender causing PVR to "hang" when rebooting

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I have had the same problem for about a year - with the 1TB Seagate Showcase PVR extender (bought from Rogers).  Unfortunately, my computer doesn't have an eSata connection, so I can't do any of the testing that Seagate is recommending.  Rogers has replaced our PVR at least 3 or 4 times, and we keep having the same problem of (a) extender requiring a reboot, which makes our recordings inaccessible, or (b) our recordings list, but when you try to play them, it goes to that list / channel +/- screen that others are talking about.


I was going to go out and purchase a new PVR extender, as I figured the problem was with the extender hard drive, but now I am not so sure...


Rogers Tier 2 support thinks the problem might be caused by low signal strength, but whenever a technician comes out here, they find the signal strength is fine.

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