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Cable Network Time Service for PVR's, VCR, Audio Amps, etc

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Hi Folks,


In the past, A/V devices were able to obtain the current time by sourcing it through PBS stations.

This would keep these devices in Synch through Daylight Savings Time and ST, etc. etc.


This server stopped working a while back.


Anyone know why ?


Is this service broadcast via another channel ???






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Re: Cable Network Time Service for PVR's, VCR, Audio Amps, etc

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Here is some more information on this:'PBS%20time%20signal%20auto%20VCR%20set...


Sadly it seems that since the US switched off analogue in favor or digital this type of service is almost gone.


It might be available on the Rogers TV guide channel. I haven't tried to use this since digital boxes came out though so I don't know for sure if they still have it on any of the channels.

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