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Status of "Decked Out" and "Disaster Decks" on HGTV

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I've had the show "Decked Out" PVR'd for months now and all of a sudden it's no longer available for recording.  I reviewed all listings in the "guide" and can't find it anywhere.  Has the show been cancelled?  Is it no longer available from Rogers?  Did it change to a different network/channel?  Will it be available again soon?  I live in Kitchener and was watching it on channel 43.  Please let me know what's happening.  The same goes for "Disaster Decks" as well - can't find that one anywhere either.





Re: Status of "Decked Out" and "Disaster Decks" on HGTV

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At least according to the HGTV website, the shows look like they are still on.

THere was one of one on SUN (9pm), one of the other on MON (12am) (now, not sure if new eppisodes or re-runs).


Now, if the network is airing it.. and rogers is airing HGTV.. it should show.. rogers just cant remove it, etc.


Could be byond last week, there are not any more airings, its on hiatus, etc?
(not at home, so can not check my guide)

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