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Why is Rogers Cable exclusively carrying WWE Network?

  • Rogers Cable is not exclusively carrying WWE Network. Rogers Media (which owns the Canadian WWE distribution rights) is actively working with all major Canadian TV service providers to bring WWE Network to all Canadian fans.
  • Rogers is the first to offer it to our Cable customers, but other TV service providers are interested in WWE Network and are negotiating with Rogers. Like any business deal, these negotiations can take some time to come to an agreement.

I live in a former Shaw (Mountain Cable) service area. When can I get WWE Network from Rogers?

  • Rogers is currently working to offer WWE Network in your area.  We know how much you want WWE Network and although we don’t have a specific date yet, once we know, we will communicate it to you.

I don’t have Rogers Cable, how can I get WWE Network?

  • Rogers is in discussions with all major TV providers in Canada to offer WWE Network.
  • Please contact your TV service provider and ask them to carry WWE Network. Your voice will tell your TV provider that their customers (you!) want it!  This will help encourage them to carry it as soon as they can.
  • The other TV service providers all are interested in WWE Network, but like any business deal, these negotiations can take some time to come to an agreement.

Where can I find WWE Network? Have the channels moved? 

Can I access WWE Network online like in the US?

  • Yes, you can now access WWE Network online. Please visit and login using your MyRogers credentials.
  • Note: This is not currently available for Hamilton customers.

I added this package just a few days ago.  Why are you charging me the full monthly fee? It wasn’t like that with TMN or the Super channel.

  • This is a unique service that offers a combination of regular wrestling programming and live event based programming. As a result, this service is billed similar to a pay-per-view (PPV) event but on a monthly basis because of the channel and video on demand (VOD) combination.

Will I be getting an adjustment if I cancel this service before my bill date?

  • At this time, there aren’t any plans to incorporate prorated billing to this service. You can keep the service until the end of your bill cycle.

I’ve noticed on my guide that my WWE Net Pak channels are now called WWE Network/HD and WWE Network On Demand? Is this right?

  • Yes.  We’re happy to announce that the WWE Network/HD and WWE Network On-Demand are the new channel names for your existing WWE Net Pak. It’s the same great content with a clearer name.
  • You’ll still get the live WWE content you love, and WWE Network On Demand will continue to be the place for your archived WWE, ECW and WCW pay-per-views, classic matches and more.
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