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WWE Net Pak FAQs

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Why is Rogers Cable exclusively carrying WWE Net Pak?


Rogers Cable is NOT exclusively carrying WWE Net Pak. Rogers Media (which owns the Canadian WWE distribution rights) is actively working with all major Canadian TV service providers to bring WWE Net Pak to all Canadian fans. Rogers is the first to offer it to our Cable customers, but the other TV service providers are interested in WWE Net Pak, and are negotiating with Rogers. Like any business deal, these negotiations can take some time to come to an agreement.



I live in a former Mountain Cable service area? When can I get WWE Net Pak from Rogers?


Rogers is currently working to offer WWE Net Pak in your area. We know how much you want WWE Net Pak and although we don’t have a specific date yet, once we know, we will communicate it out.



I don’t have Rogers Cable, How can I get WWE Net Pak?


Rogers is in discussions with all major TV providers in Canada to offer WWE Net Pak. Please contact your TV service provider and ask them to carry WWE Net Pak. Your voice will tell your TV provider that their customers (YOU!) want it! This will help encourage them to carry it as soon as they can! The other TV service providers all are interested in WWE Net Pak, but like any business deal, these negotiations can take some time to come to an agreement.



Does WWE Net Pak have a Free Preview?


There is no Free Preview of WWE Net Pak. WWE Net Pak is a monthly Pay Per View package for only $11.99/month that is a Preview of the best of the WWE Network. The use of the word “Preview” has caused some confusion with customers thinking this means it’s a Free Preview. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.



What sort of Preview is WWE Net Pak?


WWE Net Pak is a preview, in other words, a selected sample of the best WWE Network programming that is being carried in Canada as a monthly Pay Per View subscription package. As WWE Network is not approved by the CRTC for carriage in Canada yet, the WWE Net Pak in the meantime, offers a large sampling of WWE Network programming on both HD/SD channels and an On Demand channel, including the monthly Pay Per View events (worth over $50/month in HD) at no additional cost.



How much is WWE Net Pak? Is the price going to increase once WWE Network replaces it?


WWE Net Pak is $11.99/month as a monthly recurring subscription pay per view package. Taxes are extra. The Full Monthly Service Fee will be charged if the subscription is cancelled anytime during your billing cycle (no full or partial refund provided). The WWE Net Pak is billed month-to-month, with no term commitment. As a comparison, in the U.S., the month-to-month rate has been announced to be $19.99. There currently is no plan to increase the price.



Why is the On Demand service (Rogers channel 397) programming selection so small? Will it be expanded?


In order to launch the WWE Net Pak as quickly as we could, both Rogers and WWE worked to offer some On Demand programming on its own channel (Rogers Cable channel 397). The current On Demand service is carrying around 40 hours of WWE programming content in both HD and SD. We wanted to provide this programming to customers as soon as possible and this was the best way to do it quickly. We recognize that it is not anywhere near the volume of what WWE Network has in its online library, however, we are working to see what can be done with the WWE to improve this programming both in terms of content and depth of offering. Again, please note that the WWE Net Pak is a preview of WWE Network and is not intended to offer the identical level of content/service. Once the WWE Network is approved for carriage in Canada, you will see a vastly improved On Demand offering particularly through the website that would be able to offer the full WWE Library as seen in the U.S. on WWE Network.



When will I be able to get WWE Net Pak online like WWE Network in the U.S.?


Rogers and WWE are working on all the technical requirements to make this happen in an authenticated, secure manner that meets Rogers, WWE and Customer’s expectations. Unfortunately, there is no current timing that we can provide. This also includes offering WWE Net Pak on all-screens – tablets, mobile phones, Smart TVs etc. – to offer our customers a true “TV Everywhere” experience.



What is the difference between WWE Net Pak and WWE Network?


As WWE Network is not approved for carriage in Canada yet, WWE Net Pak is a preview or sample of the best WWE Network programming that is being carried in Canada as a monthly Pay Per View subscription package. The most important aspect is that WWE Net Pak still carries all the great monthly Pay Per View events like WWE Summerslam at no additional cost! That’s a savings for any WWE fan of over $50 each month! The main differences are that WWE Net Pak in Canada has both an HD and SD TV channel along with an On Demand channel, while WWE Network is strictly an online service in the United States that has both the streaming live video (shown on Net Pak’s HD/SD channels) but also the vast WWE Library online.



Why should I take WWE Net Pak now?


If you’re a fan of the WWE, WWE Net Pak provides the best value even without the full online/on demand library. For only $11.99/month you get the HD/SD live channels, an on demand offering, and more importantly, access to all WWE monthly Pay Per View events right on the WWE Net Pak channel. That alone, is a savings of over $50 each month! WWE Net Pak will only get better, as we work with the WWE to help improve the service and offer more great WWE programming.



When will the full WWE Network be available?


Rogers is working with the WWE to seek permission from the CRTC (the regulatory body that oversees broadcasting in Canada) to carry the full WWE Network in Canada. This application process, through to approval by the CRTC, if successful, can take several months. Unfortunately, there is no specific timeline that we can provide.

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