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Not receiving some text messages

I'm Here A Lot
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Registered: ‎11-30-2010

Tonight I have not received at least two text messages that I know of. They weren't long (2 or 3 part) messages either. Has anyone experienced this problem recently? Any suggestions other than calling customer care. Also, what would be the benefit of reseting my network settings? Can I do this on my own or does it have to be done over the phone with Rogers...I'm wondering if that is a solution to the text messaging problem. Thanks!

Re: Not receiving some text messages

I Plan to Stick Around
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Registered: ‎09-27-2010

Sometimes, it's just a case of the network being overloaded.  Since the text message goes over the same network as the phone calls (but with lower priority), it may have just been 'dropped' in high volume situations.


Are you sure the sender put in the right #?  (just checking the obvious).


Re: Not receiving some text messages

I've Been Around
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Registered: ‎01-22-2011

My issue isn't recieving texts it's sending them. I got this unlimited plan since August and have been unable to send texts to my 2 daughters and other people that are with MTS. I've texted my daughter sitting right next to me and she doesn't get it but she texts to me and I get it instantly. I talked to tech support, been to Rogers where they sent it in to be repaired and STILL the same issues. Not a very happy customer here!

Re: Not receiving some text messages

Rogers Employee
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First off for anyone here to be able to give you an solutions we would need to know what make/model of phone you are using. Some phones have actually network reset options in their menus; while others do not.


The first and best step to start off with is to powercycle (Or remove the battery for 5 seconds and insert back into the phone) the device.


Are the two missed text from the same number? same carrier? Do you have space available on your device?


With a little more information i'm sure a resolution could be found.




I am a Rogers employee, but my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Rogers or its affiliates.

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Re: Not receiving some text messages

I'm Here A Lot
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I had the same problem with sending messages to MTS customers from my Samsung Corby Pro. When I changed the Character Support to GSM Alphabet instead of Unicode it worked perfectly. On my phone it is Message Settings/Text Message/Delivery Options/Character Support. This also changed it so I could send 160 character messages instead of only 70. Hope this helps you.

Re: Not receiving some text messages

I've Been Around
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Registered: ‎08-10-2011

I didn't receive any text messages from 3 people on my blackberry for a week.  I was sending out texts to these people, once a day, and finally asking if they are getting my texts.  I then get a phone call asking me where I have been and that I am not answering any texts from them!

One person got my text and replied but I didn't.

Totally inconvenient since I prefer to text rather than use the phone.

Re: Not receiving some text messages

I've Been Here Awhile
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Which carrier is the other person using?

Personally, I don't recieve messages from Koodo all of the time, and I know a couple of other people with this problem as well.

Re: Not receiving some text messages

I've Been Around
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Registered: ‎09-07-2011

I am on MTS and I am having problem sending text (sms) messages to my sister who is on the Rogers network. 


Once I have pushed send after a few seconds I receive a SMS Message which state "Her# is invalid or does not subscribe". 


Now she can receive SMS messages from other people on Rogers as well as Telus networks.  I have tried other makes of phones that are also on the MTS network and those phones receive the error message as well.


Here is the kicker I can receive SMS messages from her, but I cannot respond, I can call her phone from my phone.


She has called Rogers because she cannot receive any SMS messages from anybody on the MTS network.  Rogers customer support has told her that it is a MTS network problem (it may be) and has left it at that.


I have called MTS support and have gotten the same line "it's a problem with the Rogers network"


I can SMS message other people who with Rogers and that works fine it just seems to be her phone.


I have a Blackberry storm2 (9550), I am with MTS


She has a Samsung Nexus S, she is with Rogers


Any thoughts?

Re: Not receiving some text messages

I've Been Around
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Registered: ‎01-12-2012
I've been getting this issue too. I would have full bars but it would not send. When I send a message out Rogers replies to me "error 27455: message could not send " First time this happened to me I shut my iPhone 4 off, 16GB, GSM, with Rogers of course, for 1 hour and it worked well again for a couple of days but then the same issue occurred. I shut my iPhone off again, turn it back on, no use, I reset my network the first time it didn't work, the second time if worked. This is really aggravating me. Whatever is Rogers they better fix it fast. My girlfriend is also getting unhappy with me because she thinks I'm ignoring her. So please please fix this!!!!! :smileyhappy:

Re: Not receiving some text messages

I've Been Around
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Registered: ‎01-16-2012
I'm having a similar issue. My phone will vibrate and the light will be blinking indicating that I've received a text. I even see the little "1" or whatever telling me I have a new message. When I open it, the text is gone and I'm looking at the message that I sent out instead of the new reply. It's seriously driving me insane. I came very close to just slamming my phone onto the sidewalk.

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