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rocket hub new problems

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I've Been Here Awhile
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rocket hub new problems

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I just changed to the new rocket hub/netcomm wireless and when i try to join the I get this new message

Insecure connection. --If you receive this message:
(Access to the chat room has been temporarily suspended for the following reason: Connexion insécurisée. Suivez les instructions sur afin d'y remédier.

their blog at says this
It means you do not have a secure connection.  The chat will not work if you are trying to connection via a wireless connection or a shared network or computer.

I never had this problem before with the previous internet i need help from rogers i allready called twice. anyone have suggestions



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Re: rocket hub new problems

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Re: rocket hub new problems

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as the FAQ for the CBL website says:


"You have a virus, or an open proxy, a trojan spam-sender or some other sort of security compromise".


See: for a definition of spambot.


The CBL site associates this problem with the IP address which you have just obtained.  Let me assure you from personal experience that this is a nasty and highly annoying problem.


Under your circumstances, because you have just changed to a new RocketHub, it could mean that the new IP address you just obtained from Rogers was previously used by someone who caused the problem.


The IP address has been listed in the CBL and blocked because spam emails, trojans or viruses have been traced back to that IP address.  If none of the computers connected to your RocketHub have any malware problems and are not actually the cause of this, then it is likely that a previous Rogers customer who used the IP address caused the problem.


FIrst go to the RocketHub web management interface at and check to see what the IP address is that you have been assigned by Rogers.  Write it down somewhere so you can remember it.


Then, shut down the RocketHub and restart it.  Now go back into the web management interface and check to see if you have been assigned a new, different IP address.  If you have, you should be OK. Unfortunately, the next Rogers RocketHub customer who picks up the IP address you had will have to deal with it all over again!


If you still have the same IP address as before, shut it down again, and do not restart the RocketHub for several hours.  Perhaps waiting some time will get you a different IP address.


You would think that Rogers should resolve these problems.  But in fact, they cannot do so.  If a given Rogers subscriber has a spambot or other malware on their computer, Rogers really cannot remove them and clean the computer of malware or whatever.  That is the responsibility of the computer owner and only the computer owner can ensure first off that no malware infects their computer and secondly that any such malware is removed.


Another helpful site is:


where you can download a small program that will monitor your computer to check if there are any spambots on the machine.


Please let us know if this helps, as there are other things that will be required if you do have an infection/spambot on your computer.




Re: rocket hub new problems

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: rocket hub new problems

hi thanks for your reply. we have replugged the power to the modem many times it changes ip and i get the same message what about the restart button. CBL says ip address is special and isnt blocked. microsoft security essentials found no viruses,malware or spyware. i was going to buy and cisco n wireless adapter . better than g . maybe rogers will answer this time.

Re: rocket hub new problems

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Re: rocket hub new problems



It is not unusual that antivirus programs do not detect spambots.  Other techniques need to be used to find if they are operating on a computer.  See the following site as just one example of the types of techniques to use:


Also follow the advice on:


and further, extended information at:


Also check out the Microsoft knowledge base website for tools to remove rootkits and deal with this kind of problems



Basically, if there is a lot of TCP port 25 outbound traffic on a computer, one which is not itself an smtp-based mail server, there is possibly a spambot active on the machine.


Last year we had a machine on our office LAN which had a spambot on it.  It managed to shut down email for all of us.  Finally, once it was detected, the offending PC was shut down and removed from the LAN.  The only sure way to remove the spambot in this case was to do a clean install of Windows and all other software on that machine.  That was a lengthy and painful experience.






Re: rocket hub new problems

I'm a Trusted Enthusiast
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Re: rocket hub new problems

Your IP has been blocked and has been flagged by a service that the website has subscribed to.

Your only option is to get a private IP or hope that you get a new block IP to rogers and tell them one of their subscribers has been flagged as having a virus and get them to remove the flaf
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