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Rogers Call Display on TV.

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Our answering machine won't light up when new messages have been received.  Could this be due to our Rogers voicemail which we retain solely for its call display on tv feature?  We enjoy this display feature but need our answering machine to visibly indicate outstanding messages. Is there an option of having the Rogers TV call display incoming calls but without having Rogers voicemail?   



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Re: Rogers Call Display on TV.

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Subscribing to Rogers Voicemail is not why you get TV Call Display. TV Call Display is a result of you already being a subscriber to call display on your phone. If you cancel your Rogers Voicemail, your TV Call Display will remain unaffected. If your answering machine does not light up when you have new messages, I would think there is something wrong with your answering machine and has nothing to do with Rogers.

Re: Rogers Call Display on TV.

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i suspect the rogers vociemail is picking up the calls before your answering machine gets a chance to, thus its not indicating new msgs on your answering machine.  having both an answering machine and voicemail on the same line are not compatible or not recommended.

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