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Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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Rogers numbers are 2+ days behind. This is not speculation. I have my own monitoring software to accurately track my current usage. If any one wants a copy, send me an email.

Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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Wouldn't do me any good with the number of devices I have accessing the Internet, and I suspect that's the case for a lot of people.  Monitoring software only tracks what's going and out of a PC, unless it's an integral part of the router's firmware.  If all you have hooked up to the Internet is a single computer, then yeah you'll get a pretty good picture, but not 100% accurate.  FYI. Smiley Happy


My numbers are updated daily and are pretty much what I expect them to be.  The only time I had a problem was a couple of months ago where things were weird for about a week.

Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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MichelR is correct  (didnt i just say that in another thread? Smiley Happy


My household, with 2 laptop, tv, surround sound, bluray, 3 phones and two desktops connected..  you really would be able to see a true picture.


The only true way, is to get a network monitoring software.. and put a HUB (not a switch) right after the modem.  Being a hub, should show ALL traffic, as on a hub info is sent to all ports.  Though this would also pick up any internal traffic as well.


While obviously its not live.. doesnt pick up the usage i am using right at the moment, etc... i found it to be pretty good.. i can see my yesterdays full details on there.

Suprisingly..i find the phone data updates actualy more live, durring the day.. but you cant get full details on it anyways day to day.

Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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This is starting to anger me since its the first of April, and somebody managed to download 6,371 MB yesterday going just 0.02GB over the limit. Now I read it doesn't update for up to 48 hours and my bar is still 1 GB over.

Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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Monthly usage cycle is different for everyone, I asked this question before.  My cycle starts on the 11th of the month. you can see it in "my rogers"


Tracking usage has been a pain for me also, you have to catch it at the router and I haven't found any tools that can do the job.  The closes is "Network magic" which can integrate with Routers, but I have heard mixed reviews. 


The other issue are Mobile devices.  I install "Networx" on all my computers, very good FREE download which can report all computers bandwidth ussage back to a single PC... just can't track non PC devices, but PC/Laptops are most likely to be the culprits anyways.


Download here...



Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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Thanks for the link Snafu, that should be helpful for a bunch.

The BIGEST draw on usage for most.. is streaming.  Netflix, etc.. especialy in HD.
(downloading, being the 2nd bigest.. depending on WHAT You are downloading Smiley Tongue)


All comes down to what you are doing in the end.  I have normaly a min of 2 computers running daily 24/7 (with up to 2 more in the eve), surround sound, TV, blue ray, 3 cell phones, a tablet... i think thats it... running all on my connection.
I work normal business hours.. but usualy when i am home, there is some form of usage going on... incuding online gaming for 2-4 hours a night.

I DONT use netflix, etc.

For me, this only usualy uses about 20-25g a month of my usage.


Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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There is no incentive for Rogers to correct this problem as they profit from overages. Only thing to do is stop using the internet when you are near the end of your cycle.

Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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As I noted previously, the Networx program is free... not free to try, trust me it will tell you which user in the house hold is using too much bandwidth.  I have teenagers who watch videos (youtube).  You can even set a password to prevent them form closing it... If they manage to offend or don't listen when I warn them to back off I block their devices by MAC address on the router.. yes this is a bit harder for average user... but I can instruct anyone who is interested.

Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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@snafu169 et al:


the discussion on measuring internet usage has been going on and on and on in this Forum for several  years now.  And a number of us have been active in it for longer than we care to think.


What we need is for our ISP's to implement something like a kilowatt-hour meter for data coming in on our Internet connections. A number of us use the Rogers RocketHub which includes actual data volume measuring functionality.  So, as a Rogers Ericsson W35 user, I can tell you that right now on my RocketHub the following usage numbers show when I connect to the management interface at


Traffic Statistics
Transmitted: 15.0 MB (113050 packets)   Transmitted current month: 70.6 MB
Received: 143.6 MB (154269 packets)   Received current month: 498.1 MB
Error: 0 packets   Transmitted previous month: 246.0 MB
Overruns: 0 packets   Received previous month: 1679.5 MB
Dropped: 0 packets      

Note: Approximate figures only. Please refer to your bill for final amounts and charges.


So, we have some actual data.  But is it useful data?  Not really.  So Ericsson (and Netcomm too, I might add) understood that something like this was required.  But their implementation has certain inherent shortcomings.


What we really need is a device we can use to monitor our data usage, a device which we control, and which collects the data beginning on the day of the month on which our billing period commences, etc., etc., etc.


Forum participant victor1242 has implemented a rather nice Excel package which actually captured the data from his Netcomm RocketHub into a spreadsheet.  victor1242 extended his package so it also supports the Ericsson W35.


I took a different approach.  I attempted to use a Linksys WRT54G outboard router using the Tomato third-party firmware through which I routed all my home devices which were connected to the RocketHub and to the Internet.


Neither of the two approaches mentioned above are either simple, or close to perfect.  But at least they were a start.  I don't know if victor1242 is still using his Excel package.


Personally, I found the outboard Tomato router to be more complex to manage than I wanted, and I no longer use it.


And neither of the two would be useful to the majority of you who connect to Rogers using cable Internet or several other cellular type connections such as the many variants of the Rocketstick.


That is why we need a Gigabyte/Month meter for our Internet connection.  CRTC, are you listening?




Re: When does monthly usage begin?

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Hi @Gdkitty, @Cap07, @snafu169 and @skinorth,


Your responses have become off-topic to what the original thread's intention was. Let's keep it on topic from here out.


Further off-topic posts we be removed.


Thanks everyone, RogersDarrell

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