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Changing an email password

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I have a friend with the domain name. I wanted to help her to change her email password, but the help and support pages don't have it. I tried to create an address, but that domain name's not available. I created a yahoo account, and here I am. Honestly, what kind of isp delivers this kind of assistance - fend for yourself?

What are the steps, in detail, in changing an email password?


She is not tech savvy, we live in different cities, and I can't use remote access.



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Re: Changing an email password

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can you go to and try signing in?  your address is treated just like a address.   It is my understanding that you can go into options and account and change your password there just like a yahoo account.  Have you tried this yet? please share your success with us.



Re: Changing an email password

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If you use the Rogers portal as your home page (, there is a link there to your account where you can change your password.


If not, try the following link to the member home centre.

Re: Changing an email password

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You can change the password by signing into with the current password.  On this page there will be an option to change password.


If your friend does not remember her password she can use to reset it. If this doesn't work she will either need to contact technical support at 1-888-764-3771 or




You can sign in directly to with your current password and the next page will allow you to change the password

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