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The Yahoo Rogers email platform was updated recently.  


We are experiencing difficulties in deleting, compose and update our site.  Also, finding that the email platform is very slow since this update been implemented.


Also, the Yahoo finance appl is coming through scramble, while all the others are normal.


Again, these problems have been noticeable since the recent update.


Is there any other people experiencing similar problems.



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I do not have a RogersYahoo e-mail address however I have a YAHOO.COM and have noticed that my Yahoo mail has also been upgraded. I am guessing its safe to say the Yahoo platform has been upgraded and all its affiliates such as Rogers are included.
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I've had this problem intermittently over the past 2 months.


Toinight I began sending 2 emails - one with a 20k attachment and the other with no attachment - at 8pm. It's now 8:26 pm, the ball is spinning on my Apple Mail and no email has been sent.


I assume this is only the outgoing server and not the receiving server? Does anyone know?


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Problem solved (kind of)!


What was holding my email up was an earlier file in the queue - which had a modest 7.1 mb attachment. Found this through the very important Activity Monitor in Apple Mail. Resized the file and voila!


I do wish though that in these times of the Cloud, that R would loosen their linitations on bandwidth. This I believe this should also be a government issue - because it so severely hinders Canadian use of and experimentation with technology. It seems to me that RIM's decision to move R&D to California as a result of the Candian brain drain - was caused by these kinds of limitations.




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I notice since the update that takes a long time to get into a contact name when searched or i can't get into it at all (the case mostly).

I also can't get into options to make my vacation reply!

Our calendar only books in 1/2 hour increments too when it was by 15min. before and...if that wasnt' enough...

we used to be able to save a contact and place a category for it right away after the email was sent...not so now!


We are really unhappy with the upgrade. I can't see the option to change back to classic email as i could in the old platform however.When I emailed for help I got no answer...just convoluted email responses.


Help anyone !



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My mother too had this issue and i came here looking for a solution.  When she called Rogers they told her to buy a new computer.  Pretty disappointing response.  Internet usage is fine, but trying to access her own emial is immposible. 

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