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Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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Can anyone tell me if this new Rogers Yahoo Mail upgrade that will be taking place within 30 days affects POP users at all?  In the e-mail sent to me by Rogers this is what is says about POP. 


"If you only access Rogers Yahoo! Mail on your mobile
device, tablet or via POP, it is critical that you visit
on your computer to see important information about the upgrade, then review
and agree to the new Communication Terms of Service and Privacy Policy."


 I visited the link and it doesn't mention anything about POP.  I scanned the Terms of Service and don't see any info in it either.


Thanks in Advance



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Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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It may be time to change your password.


"" redirects to "", which Whois says is located in China.


So if you used your username and password to log into this site, your username and password are now known by a group of people in China who didn't want you to know who and where they are.

Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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I am not sure what you are talking about.  This link does not redirect to that IP.


It goes directly to the site, furthermore if I ping it gives me the IP address of, which I then look up and it hosted in the US by Yahoo, as you will see below.  I wonder if you have some type of maleware that is redirecting you off to that other location.


IP :        Neighborhood Host :    Country : United States




So maybe someone can actually answer my original question now?

Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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I don't have the answer, but want to bump your question in hopes that somebody does.


The lack of information about POP/SMTP support is extremely suspicious and really makes me wonder if POP/SMTP support is being dropped

Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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Thanks for the response gjw Smiley Wink


That is my thought as well, and exactley what I am worried about.  Hopefully somone might know the answer as I do not want to wait for long periods of time on the phone and not even get an answer - this is usually what happens when I call tech support.



Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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Hi staceyd,


The Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade will not have any impact on you if you access your mail through POP.  It is basically an aesthetic overhaul to the previous versions of Rogers Yahoo Mail.  In terms of the way POP mail is accessed, you will not notice any change.  The e-mail is basically suggesting that you to go to the website so that you can see the changes.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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Thanks Rogers Reggie - That is the exact answer I wanted to hear!

Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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I would also like to add, this affects ALL YAHOO email accounts, not just RogersYahoo email accounts. I have my own Yahoo email account and got the same message, minus the rogers wording. hope this helps

Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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Are they going to make their POP server function consistently now too?


Roger POP servers haven't functioned correctly and consistently for five years now.


Before any Roger's **bleeps** reply with the tech help "call us" nonsense, I have been through it dozens of times and refuse to unplug my PC and spin around three times to fix it. Witchcraft and guessing doesn't do it for  me, anymore. **YOU** need tech help to fix your password updates on the mail servers and darn well  know it.  Get some tech help, with ability.

Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail Upgrade and POP

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Weirdly, I've never had an issue with the POP servers, except for minor operator error and normal odd outage for, whatever reason.  So +1 to Rogers here.  Though I commiserate with your plight. 

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