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Rogers tech support remotely accesing my modem/router

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I recently upgraded my Internet to Extreme Plus and replaced my old modem with a new SMC modem/router combination. I heard from some friends that Rogers tech support can actually login remotely and re-configure the device. I am not sure I am comfortable with this though. No matter how good the intentions are for leaving this door open I would prefer to retain full contol over my devices. So my question is: is there a way of disabling this feature? Another probably related question is: how can I cange the default admin (cususer) password fro the router?





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Re: Rogers tech support remotely accessing my modem/router

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Unfortunately this feature cannot be disabled. 


Rogers technical support will only access the router when you are in contact with them are you do give permission to adjust settings if you are not able to do that on your own.


We do perform regular firmware upgrades to our SMC and Cisco brand of routers which is why these options cannot be disabled.


The password for "cusadmin" can be adjusted to your own when you do log into the routers administrators website. 

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Re: Rogers tech support remotely accessing my modem/router

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This is simply not true.  Rogers tries to access my modem at least a couple of times a week, without contacting me or obtaining my permission.  I know this from the stats page for the router as numerous failed attempts to connect to my device from a device in Toronto.


My suggestion is to login as admin, change all passwords and disable all remote connectivity options (I believe they are just check off boxes), however changing all the passwords has done the trick for me so far.  They could always flash the router back to defaults, but then they would have to let me know that they were trying to access it, so they haven't said anything so far.

Re: Rogers tech support remotely accessing my modem/router

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