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Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Wow's getting deprioritized by Rogers (tracerts/pathpings are clean, all ports are open/forwarded, no p2p running on any machine for at least 30 minutes before attempting to run wow), resulting in increased latency and dc'ing in wow.


Assuming this issue has something to do with Rogers' change to their terms last month..


I also assume Rogers filters are picking wow up as p2p incorrectly (like many other ISPs did) after Blizzard changed their communication methods/packet structure so they can do a Repair on Demand feature where instead of the game crashing, wow just downloads & streams the file from the server to the user, and the user can keep playing without seeing anything wrong.

Attempting to call Tech Support results in 1 of 3 of the following:
1. "Its not our problem, its the game."  Its not.  Other users in Ontario play fine (I can play fine at home in Toronto, but I dc constantly at my sister's in Ottawa).
2. "We don't support gaming." Fine, update your website to show that you can't game on any of your packages from Rogers Lite and above.
3. "Sorry, I can't transfer you to a supervisor." Oh... REALLY???

Really getting tired of the runaround now.

So far this affects London, Waterloo, parts of Toronto, and parts of Ottawa.  There are multiple posts in the WoW Tech support forums regarding issues with Rogers & WoW.  Here's one which now recommends tunneling to avoid using Rogers hops to actually be able to play the game:

Who can I talk to to get this fixed? 


Will it be fixed by Rogers, or will Rogers just update their site so that it says you can't game on it, so people will KNOW that Rogers is poor for gaming (I was already suspecting that, as I can't play & host CoD:Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 without massive latency, without ANYTHING else running - its random who hosts a game, its not like I'm deliberately hosting or anything.)

Is this even fixable, or should I as a regular Tech Support poster on the wow forums start recommending to other WoW users using Rogers to switch to an ISP that actually will listen to its users?


Thoughts? Comments? Anything?

Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Think il be following this topic to see if they say anything. My latency is crud in WOW too and no one else in the appartment is downloading or torrenting. Seems to come in random spurts and I am pretty sure no one is leeching my protected internet. Funny I know so many people who have so many problems with rogers internet and rogers always says the same thing "it's not our problem"
well when everyone has the same thing happening I wonder who's problem it could be. =/

Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Absoultly worst service ive have ever expericneced with Rogers, over the past years. Switching to Bell is sounding better every time i log on to WoW and not even being able to play for 30 seconds with out a disconnect.

Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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While I'm not entirely sure that this is causing the massive DC issues within the WoW community, I would also like to say that whatever company you're paying to run tech support over your chat line is absolutely terrible.


I tried opening a ticket yesterday and the man refused to acnowledge there was any problem, let alone open a ticket and have someone look into it.


Oh and Nickski, you don't want to do that, trust me. Bell's worse. I came to Rogers FROM Bell.  

Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Bell aliant is getting fibre-op in most places anyways.  So it's not like rogers can even offer the fastest.

Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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A post I made two months ago about this very same issue:


Obviously the Rogers network is functioning correctly, so any problems the users experience are located elsewhere on the internet.


Oh, wait. Keith McArthur, a PR guy for Rogers had this to say: ""The investigation is still ongoing but here's what I've been able to find out. Rogers recently made some upgrades to our network management systems that had the unintended effect of shaping non-p2p file sharing traffic under a specific combination of conditions. We will be rolling back this upgrade until we can resolve these issues, but the rollback will take a few days. Meantime, we're continuing to look into some of the other issues that have been raised."


Weird, right? How a PR guy knows about problems on the network but the agents you speak to when you call/chat with have NO clue anything is wrong.

I've called in a number of times to try and get this resolved. Some responses I've gotten are:

"The tracert indicates the problems are not happening on the Rogers network and so Rogers cannot correct the issues".

Alright, I get that. Not entirely accurate as it does kind of show you know nothing about how the internet works, but understandable that you don't want to help out because you clearly have no idea what's going on.

And then today, I showed a Rogers tech a tracert where the first hop timed out. His response was: "What would you like us to do? I can submit a ticket but nothing will be done."

So basically, from speaking to just two agents, my understanding of how much Rogers cares for their customers is "Too bad, so sad."



Must be my router, right?






A member from has gone to the CRTC about this issue, which is hopefully why Rogers changed their network policy within the past month. Other members have also received word from Rogers representatives that "zero people have reported this as an issue", which is likely why it isn't being dealt with in a timely manner (Over three full months to get a second "response" from Rogers, in the form of a network policy update).


Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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funny thing. I left rogers for bell (internet) and I have no problems whatsoever with Wow! Rogers back in the day, when Wow first came out was amazing! Sadly traffic shaping shot it to hell.

Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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I'm in the same boat here in Scarborough, been getting horrible lag for a while now and really wish that Rogers would fix this

Re: Rogers throttling/deprioritizing World of Warcraft

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@Ressy @RandomZero




Thanks for reaching out; I'm investigating this for you and will get back to you as soon as possible.




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