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I have never been more displeased with a phone company

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I purchased the iphone 4s last Febuary of 2012. When I purchased the phone the representative told me i would only be charged $50 a month, 5 dollars over the regular fee to be able to have my10. I took the deal on a 3 year plan, two months later, after the initial reduction of fees was over I began to get charged excessively over the amount of money I agreed to pay. I was being charged $110 on my phone bills. 


I called Rogers, they not only couldnt tell me why, which number that was causing the problem, or what I should do. Same response from the manager. I then asked them to reduce the fees being that I was not being charged correctly, and being overcharged without my knowledge or content. She informed me that there was nothing they could do for me, it was not in their policy to alter bills, even after she informed me that the extra charges were not my fault, or by my doing. 


Being a University student I do not have money lying around to throw off at bills that are overcharged. 


Also during this time my phone had to be sent in for repairs, keep your cases on guys, its a $226 repair to fix your screens! I then called Rogers again to see if I could have the phone's bills withheld during the time that my phone was away in repairs, roughly 2 weeks. This was recommended by the company Apple itself. I called earlier today to discuss this and they informed there was nothing I could do, the bills would continue, even if the phone was gone for up to a month, i would still be charged $110 a month.


I have never been more upset with a company in my life, they complete lack of caring for a customers well being was thrown out the window. If I had known this was going to be the case I would have never gone with Rogers in my life. It will take me 3 years to get out of the hole that I've been put in because of this cell phone, and this company. Even when I asked for personal help from the manager i was denied anything. 


I am warning people out there to be careful, Rogers does not care. Will not care. Don't go with Rogers. I surely will never return. Besides, I get more dropped calls from them than Telus gets anyways. 


Re: I have never been more displeased with a phone company

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I 100% agree on the case things.. often when you break your phone yourself.. its sometimes just as cheap to buy a new one, that repair it.  (thats why i have an otter case)


For 'time used' on bills past, i can see them not being able to refund you for that, as the time has been used.  But you still should be able to switch plans.   It may have less features, etc that your current one, but as long a you stay on a plan, the contract is fufilled.

What features ARE you looking for? How much data, minutes, texting, etc.. and we might be able to find a beter plan for you to switch to and not be charged as much.

Really in the end, thats comes down to why you are charged, even while its out on repair.  This is actualy quite common, and would happen likely at ANY of the phone companies.  You signed a contract, saying you will pay them every month.  Weither you use the phone, turn it on once, or in this case is in for repair, you still agreed to pay them monthly.  Im not trying to sound mean, but thats how the contracts work, across the board.


I am not saying this to tote rogers.. i am saying it as i have experienced it both through work with tellus and personaly through bell. (i WASHED my phone.. had to replace it.. was litteraly 3 weeks from when i signed the contract.  They were like too bad so sad, buy a new phone full price). 


When ever going through these things.. i always seem like a tool.. but i ask like a billion questions.. why? i want to make sure, im on the right plan the right things added, etc.. i go over with the brochure, ok, this plan, plus the $6 on this page for this feature, etc.... and then when the contracts printed, have the guy go over the same charges, etc there.

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