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Switch from Rogers to Fido

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I would like to switch from Rogers to Fido. Today I went to Fido to buy the new BB Z10 and make the switch from Rogers to Fido, the guy asked me if I called Rogers to tell them so, cause the guy told me by telling Rogers, the cancellation/switching fee will drop to 100$, otherwise it's 20$ per month (and I've got 10 months left). I called Rogers and they told me Fido will do everything for me. So my question is: Do I need to recall Rogers to tell them I want to switch or Fido should do it for me and it would be 100$ fee automatically? And if I need to call Rogers: is it Rogers customer service or a specific number? 

Re: Switch from Rogers to Fido

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Hello felix13

You can contact Rogers & have the rep leave a note on the account saying you will be switching to Fido. Once you go to Fido, you will have to tell the rep to port over the number to a NEW Fido activation. In order to do this there are some rules. As follows:

- You must be with Rogers for more then 1 year in order to get the $100 cancellation fee.
- You MUST sign a 2-3 year term with Fido to get the cancellation fee for $100 from Rogers.
- You must have a clean record with Rogers & do NOT have any outstanding balance left with Rogers.

Once those are done & the rep confirms it. The port will happen & Rogers will give you the $100 cancellation fee on your last Rogers invoice. You will need to sign a 2-3 year deal with Fido & have a good credit as well.
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