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Iphone Data Usage Issue

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Hey everyone,


This morning I received a text message from Rogers saying I have reached 100% of my data usage allowance.  I have a 500mb plan.  I chose this plan because I cannot afford anything more than that (nor that I want to pay more than that) AND because I know I am always around a Wifi hotspot so it would be dumb to pay for more data when I use wifi the majority of the time.


NOW, since I have a 500mb plan, today it says as of about 10 minutes ago that I am at 532.50mb.  I have a problem with this because since I have been with Rogers for the last year, I have never even come close to reaching my limit (because I use wifi A LOT). The only time I use 3G is when I am on break at work, which definitely WOULD NOT max out my usage.


I called Rogers, and the lady on the phone said she could not do anything because my billing cycle had just started on the 18th of February and she could not see anything on my account until my next bill came through. I find this hard to believe, because why I am receiving text messages when my billing cycle has just restarted??


Anyways, she said she would do a call back March 4th because then my bill will have shown up and she can see my account. After I got off the phone with her, I have turned off my cellular data to avoid having more charges.


Does anyone know why this is happening? I usually don't even come close to using half of my data usage because I use wifi so much. What also puzzles me is that is had maxed out 3ish days after my billing cycle has restarted...


Is there anything I can do in the meantime? Restore my phone, etc etc..?? 


I REFUSE to pay any overage charges as this is clearly something that I havnet done, and is their problem. I came to Rogers a year ago from Telus because Telus was charging me for things I didnt use on my phone and I did file a claim with the CCTS and Telus had to pay my cancellation charges. So far I have been really happy with Rogers, and this is the first time I have had a problem and received a notification text about going over my data limit. I would hate to have to file another claim with the CCTS as I do not have tolerance for these large corporations and the random charges they give out and their fees.


I have an Iphone 3GS if that makes a difference. and ALSO this incident happens to coincide wtih my credit limit being removed... could their be a link??


Sorry for blabbing! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Re : Iphone Data Usage Issue

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Hi michelley27 and welcome to the forums!


This sounds more like an error on our end or that the data used did not reset starting the new billing cycle. Keep in mind there are many instances where you may have some 3rd party push apps that continually update information (which would use data).


500 megs in 3 days sounds a little excessive unless you were constantly streaming on 3G or tethering. I recommend speaking with our customer service at 1866-931-3282 so they can look into this and get it resolved.

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Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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This just happened to me as well. In 4 days i apparently used 500MB. When I hit 80% of Maximum,  I called Rogers Tech Support. I then apparently used 100MB today to get a single movie title via Poynt.  My turnover date is Mar 2nd. I have been on the phone with Rogers Tech Support and Customer Service to no avail. The Cellular Data is now turned off. I'm curious to see how much the data plan will show tomorrow and the rest of the month. I plan on calling them daily. I have had the iphone since Jan 2010 and never exceeded my limit. Something is screwy somewhere. Apparently i used 38 mb while i was asleep with wireless available at home. I am going to try Tech Support again tomorrow for detailed billing info.

Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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My husband has currently had the same thing happen to him.  It said he was close to his maximum so he turned off everything in his phone.  He even went on line and looked up ways to minimize usage and did everything he read.  While his phone was off and he was at work, he went over his data.  When he talked to a Rogers customer service rep, she immediately erased all charges and gave him unlimited usage so he could find out where this excessive usage is coming from and to determine what he uses on a regular basis.  He has had his phone for quite a long time and never had been close to using his 500 mb.  I think it is a glitch with Rogers, but in our experience, Rogers has been very helpful in dealing with this error.  Try calling them again.  I hope this helps.

Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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This exact same thing is happening with my blackberry right now.  I have not downloaded any new apps and am using my phone as usual.  According to Rogers I've used 300mb of data in the last 48 hours.  209 of those mb showed up 24 hours after I'd turned my off completely.  Customer Service told me they can't do anything until the billing cycle is over.  BB tech support told me that everything lokos normal on thier end.  I refuse to pay any overage charges - I've never in my 3 years with a blackberry ever used more than 200mb in a month.  What the **** is going on with this network?

Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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I am experiencing the same issue, recieved a txt mesage stating I am at 100 % of my 500mb 6days into the cycle. Checked using the MyAccount app and it states I am over by 113 mb, total of 613mb. Called rogers twice, reps could not help, same response, can not help until your billing cycle is over. So 6 days into the cycle I am at 613mb, I turn off the cellular data network, turn off 3G. Reset my data statistics on my phone, installed DataMan App(using wireless home network) to monitor data usage. Turn the phone off overnight. Check MyAccount again today and another 8mb of data. WTF!  Dataman app shows 0mb usage on  cellular????


I am only using wireless at home now. I am at a loss here.???? Will continue to monitor the data usage over the weekend and call Rogers. May have to take out a complaint with CCTS. and as I understand it they will then send the complaint to the OOP(Office of the President).


I am really ticked! I came to rogers from Bell to bundle my services, looks like I should have bundled the other way.

Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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I thought other people would have a similar issue but I had no idea I had it the worst.

On May 2 at 6:00 in the morning I received a text message saying that I had reached 100% of my data. I though that was odd as I was only a few days into a new billing cycle.


Once I checked it online it showed that on April 30 I had used 14GB early in the morning. I called Rogers and they said there is nothing they can do until the bill is processed. I though this was ok, once the bill is processed they can see exactly how the data was used and how ridiculous it is that someone who uses around 300 MB a month would suddenly use 14 GB in one day.


Now, it's a week since I called after my bill was processed. They are currently "investigating" the usage but the notes indicate that they believe it's legitimate. I'm stuck here with over $500 sitting on my credit card from my Rogers Bill and it doesn't look like they will be doing anything about it.

Re: Iphone Data Usage Issue

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I have received the same message. Called tech support, data usage occurring at 4:30 am. Rogers no help, they speculate it could be apps updating ... 9mb at a time ..sure. just added Dataman app to see what it tracks.

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