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Data Add-on?????

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I've Been Around
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Data Add-on?????

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I just added a $10/month Data Add-on but it's NOT working. Rogers charged me $10 and I still cannot connect to internet. 

I don't get it. Anyone who can explain? Thanks.

Re: Data Add-on?????

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Re: Data Add-on?????

From what i know that Data add on does not work with any smartphone like the iPhone. I would call Rogers costumer support & speak to them. They will know.

From what i know you need to add the Data that supports for iPhones & smartphones.

Re: Data Add-on?????

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Data Add-on?????

I always thought that blackberry was the only one that needed special data (has to go thru a specific server)

Well, at least that is what I was told by customer rep, when I was inquiring about switching over from blackberry to iphone, she said that iPhone should work with any data..

Then again, reps always have conflicting advice

Re: Data Add-on?????

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Re: Data Add-on?????

Nope iPhone's & any other smartphones can use the blackberry data you have. its the other way around tho. Blackberries CAN NOT use a regular smartphone data. It need BIS. ( blackberry internet service).

The add on he added might not be for a smartphone. It might only be for a normal phone.

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