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Parental Control

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Does anyone know of any apps or support that Rogers has for parental blocking/control options for cell phones for children?


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Re: Parental Control

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Hi s_lg and welcome to the forums,


We have the Call Manager service.


You can quickly and easily create usage rules on-line based on:

  • Time of day (no calls during school or after 9:00pm)
  • Day of the week
  • Specific Dates
  • Area codes or specific phone numbers (calls to family members only)


More information here:



In regards to 3rd party apps someone from the community may be able to provide more information. A good start would be to search "Parental Control" in the App Store itself.



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Re: Parental Control

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Rogers' support has told me that it is not possible to block or control text messaging

Re: Parental Control

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If your son or daughter has a Rogers phone, you are able to go into the My Rogers app on the phone & block numbers that you do not want them texting.

You can also download a app from the app store & block numbers & all from there. Rogers does not block or control text messages.

Call Manager does not work properly like Rogers_Jean has said seeing as many of us with new computers / browsers are not able to access it.

Re: Parental Control

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There is the 'Suspend Usage' on the MyRogers site.  I have a question in now if I can use it daily.... can't see why I shouldn't be able to.  Only it's a PIA to have to go on every morning and evening to turn it on and off.

Re: Parental Control

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I have blocked text before on my child's phone. It was quite a while ago so I would check again.

Re: Parental Control

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This link doesn't take to me the information indicated
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