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Pictures sent via imessage to imessage

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Pictures sent via imessage to imessage

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I have an iphone with regular text messages and 6GB of data. I do regular imessages to friends and family, sometime with pictures.  I am being charged recently in the last couple of months for pictures/video messages.

I checked and checked but all my messages that has a picture were sent via imessages (blue bubble) .


Talking to LIVE CHAT, i am getting this answer:

I understand however it's the same way as calling long distance by via app. We do face inquiries when a call was placed by Whatsapp or even Viber through long distance, even if it's through app which uses via data it's still going to use minutes because it's still considered placing a call. Forwarding a multimedia text message through an app will be considered as a normal text which will be charged as multimedia text since your current plan does not includes this feature.
so thats pretty much mean, i am using up my data and messages count on every imessages i sent out?

Yes, because your sending your file which uses data and since it's through an app it's considered as text message.
So from what i am reading, when sending an imessage; it consider as data usage and a regular text message for every imessage i sent out.
Does anyone else see an issue here? or this rep is off and made up something for the charges.
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Re: Pictures sent via imessage to imessage

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Re: Pictures sent via imessage to imessage


Yeah, as far as I am aware of, iMessage is iMessage... as long as it between two apple devices.. it should be using DATA and not any other method
Now.. if for whatever reason it cant send to that recepient, it will fail over to sending via text.. but will change the sent bubble for the chat part in GREEN.

Though i have not had a plan which DOESNT include MMS.. so i wouldnt really know.

I guess a test... would be to go into your message settings on the phone.. you can turn OFF MMS messaging.  
Though i dont know if it turns it off for imessage as well as just SMS.. doesnt really say.

But if you can send imessages still fine with a picture.. but not texts.. 
Would prove that iMessage is separate.

Re: Pictures sent via imessage to imessage

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Re: Pictures sent via imessage to imessage

It should not count as an image sent via text. iMessage is data-only AND it's encrypted — so Rogers can't know what you're sending. Turning off MMS should allow texts but not images, as the previous person posted.
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