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Re: SII LTE "Firmware Upgrade Issue"

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You need to go back to stock.  If your not comfortable working with 3rd party firmwares you probably shouldn't be flashing it.  Here's how to go back to stock easily.  


1. Download Odin 1.85 from here (

2. Decompress the odin zip somewhere handy.  You don't need it just yet...

3. Goto and create yourself an account and get the SGH-i727R firmware ("Firmwares" tab -> Smartphone -> Android -> SGH-i727R)

4. Decompress the firmware zip somewhere handy.  There will be 2 files, a ".dll" and a ".tar.md5". You only care about the .tar.md5

5. Now to put your phone in download mode.  With your phone unplugged into your computer and turned off, hold down the down volume button on the left side and plug in the computer connected USB cable.  Keep holding the volume down button until you get the download screen.  Then press the up volume button to accept and continue.  NOTE: make sure you plug your phone in using the original samsung cable (most non-samsung cables just won't work; quality issue??) At this point your computer should recognize the the phone there if you have kies installed.  (make sure kies is not running though; (you only want kies installed for the usb drivers)


6. Start Odin 1.85 from the previous decompressed folder.  You should see the first empty box to become yellow indicating odin sees your phone.  Leave all the options as default. Click on the PDA button and a file dialog will ask you for a file.  Select the firmware file with the .tar.md5 file extension that you got from sammobile.


7. Click "Start" and it will take 10 mins or so but it will restore you phone to out of the box stock settings.



I hope this helps



Re: SII LTE "Firmware Upgrade Issue"

I've Been Around
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hello i have a samsung galaxy s2 SGH i727R. i can't find the updates on the phone. i want to upgrade the android version. where it is situated on the mobile phone?? because via PC using kies i cant upgrade it as it says upgrade failed. error something like that.


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