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Incorrect timezone on Galaxy S3 if set to "automatic"

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Incorrect timezone on Galaxy S3 if set to "automatic"

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I am in Winnipeg, MB which right now is GMT-05:00, Central Daylight Time.  (Normally GMT-06:00 except we're in daylight savings right now)


If I turn "Automatic time zone" checked then it sets the time zone to GMT-05:00, Mountain Daylight Time and all my calendar entries are shown 1 hour early.  (Google Calendar on the web shows 7 p.m. but S Planner view of same Google Calendar shows 6 p.m.)


If I uncheck that option and manually select the timezone of Central Time then it sets it to GMT-05:00, Central Daylight Time and my calendar entries are shown correctly.


Why is the automatically set timezone wrong?  This must be a problem with Rogers, no?  Can it be fixed?  Do I have to manually set the timezone?  That is annoying as whenever I travel I will always have to remember to change the timezone back and forth manually.




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Re: Incorrect timezone on Galaxy S3 if set to "automatic"

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Incorrect timezone on Galaxy S3 if set to "automatic"

me too i had that problem yesterday!!!
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