Nextbox 3.0 leaving turned on all the time

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Nextbox 3.0 leaving turned on all the time

Hello experts,


I have a Samsung ku7000 TV, Nextbox 3.0, and gen 4 Apple TV. The Apple TV and Nextbox are connected directly to the TV via HDMI. HDMI-CEC is enabled on the TV. 


I like the remote control that came with the TV as it controls the Apple TV, cable box, and various Samsung apps very well. With one exception - it will not turn the cable box off or on. It does change channels, launches the PVR, etc.


I did try everything to get the Nextbox to turn off/on: new HDMI cables, tried different boxes in the setup, contacted Samsung support. The on/off codes simply don't seem to exist with the Samsung "universal" remote.


Thus my question. Is it ok to leave the Nextbox in the "on" position all the time? I realize that I would have to turn it on in the event of a nightly update.




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Re: Nextbox 3.0 leaving turned on all the time

@lem1:  It is not recommended to leave a PVR on all the time for several reasons.


1. The iHDD (hard drive) may spin more when it's on.


2. The PVR will record (pause live TV) on whatever channel you leave the PVR on. The only way to avoid this would be to remember to switch the channel to 950 since there's nothing to record there.


3. There may be an additional buildup of heat in the PVR and heat is a killer for electronics. If you haven't already, make sure the PVR has plenty of space around it for ventillation.


4. Rogers may implement a power save functionality at any time which may turn the PVR off any way if it doesn't "see" any button presses for a certain period of time.


You should perhaps consider a truly programmable remote like the Harmony 650.  It is usually available on sale for about $50 and not only will it control all your devices, but it will usually also eliminate button presses since it's an "activity based" remote that switch inputs, turn devices on/off at the appropriate time, etc.   It also usually has a better button layout than say a TV remote.

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Re: Nextbox 3.0 leaving turned on all the time

I agree with everything @57 said, but you can also program the Rogers Champion remote to control your TV, and Apple TV. I used the Champion remote to control all the smart features/netflix on my Samsung TV, and my apple TV.


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