Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

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Resident Expert
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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

Your using the same login you login to here, your myrogers to check your account info, etc??

One thing to give a try.. if you havent already... it SHOULDNT make a difference, but might.

You say your ipad has the wireless plan, try making sure the wifi is off and trying to login.. i know on on one of the rogers apps on my iphone i had to do that the first time, for it to verify my account, but was able to use wifi after that.


How long ago were you set up?? maybe it takes a while otherwise to show up as a 'feature' on your account..

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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

Well after waiting the weekend and unplugging and plugging the 2 boxes, I called Rogers this morning to say that the MoCA had not been activated as we could not see the little houses when the boxes were turned on.  I was put on hold and 5 minutes later the houses appeared on both boxes.


In the end if everything has been setup properly from the Technicians end it is back at Rogers that they have to turn the switch for the MoCA to be activiated.  If it doesn't happend within 48 hrs.  suggestion would be to phone Rogers and ask them if the MoCA has been activated.


Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

From my understanding when the tech came and did mine.. is that even if you are 'scheduled' to have the tech out, they wont activate it even for that scheduled time..
They have to wait till they get the call from the tech that they are there and the filter is on.


Then it comes down to a timing on it being turned on.. and your boxes actualy seeing it.  Im wondering if the people on the phone can actualy turn it on.. or its a them have to send the work order to some other network tech.. could explain the delay.

I've Been Around
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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

same here....its useless calling rogers about it....they have no idea what to do
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

They do...


Well some of them do Smiley Sad


Seems to be hit and miss who's trained and who's not.. but there have been ones that have known what to do.

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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

if you signed up for the diamond package, dont expect the app to work on any tab. 

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

I'm having issues getting into the live tv app I have the whole home pvr the 8642 and the 4642 as well as internet extreme and home phone and I have a My rogers account also yet I keep getting the same message saying I must be logged to My home service which I am though. I don't get it I've read on this forum and others the same issues so I want to know What is the issue? It says on the app You just need all of the rogers services which I stated and You need to use the wifi but the same message keeps popping with the error 101. It's the samsung galaxy 10.1 which is their promotion and I updated it to the 3.2 version disconnected and reconnected My wifi as well as uninstall and reinstall and it's the same thing. Everything else works rogers anywhere, the web, My rogers account ETC. I've called rogers over and over again the tv department says I need to speak to the internet department they say I need to speak to wireless department and they say to speak to the tv department and they say to go the live chat and they say to call the same number and speak to the tv department. It's ridicolous that it's all over the tv with commercials and adds everywhere yet Rogers doesn't even know that they have it. One rep actually asked where did I hear about it lol. This is actually real it's a sick joke though that You won't ever get an answer from them and they expect to keep you as a customer crazy. I also want to know if You need the sim card with a data plan in order to to access the live tv app because nowhere in the description does it state that so if you do it's false advertising. Can anyone help Me answer these questions and if You have the same tab let Me know if it works with just the wifi or You need the data plan?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Nextbox 2.0 DLNA Features

The devices are marked from CISCO as DNLA and Internet Enabled.


A quote from the Rogers boxes of the devices sold at BestBuy and FutureShop "An Ethernet port enables a connection to your wired home IP LAN for advanced services such as content sharing to the set-top from compatible devices".


"wired home IP LAN" which means your home network.  The network RJ-45 Ethernet Connector on the back of my NextBox HD terminal is LIVE and using net tools I can see packets of data going to and from the device to ROGERS servers (probably at Esna Park or IBM on Steeles).  The NextBox HD PVR unfortunately has a "dead" Ethernet connector.


"compatible devices"??  Talking to CISCO reveals they mean DNLA devices such as your Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 or other Windows Media device.


Part of the NextBox 2.0 Whole Home Entertianment System, as reported on Rogers Connected" was item 3.  "Super Fast Internet and Wi-Fi service - to get the most out of the NextBox 2.0 service, you're going to need fast internet service.  Good thing it's included then, eh.  As part of the package, NextBox 2.0 comes with a Wireless N Gateway Modem so you can share your Ethernet connection with your devices and computers throughout your house.  Different packaging tiers offer a variety of internet tiers, so select the one that's best for you."


Once again that mention of sharing with a home wired IP LAN.


Keep asking up the Rogers change of command about this and just keep getting a blank faced reply.  No one, not even NPI seems to know anything about this capability yet it is documented on the CISCO website for these devices and as mentioned before it is within all the product information (features and benefits) that is on the BestBuy and FutureShop websites and any other Rogers product retailer.  And of course, it is clearly printed on the box which the device comes in.


So to the person who first posted this question.  From reading all the replies, NO ONE has offered you a solution.  Using a tablet to view the 22 programs in your home is no different than Rogers Anyplace.  Only difference is you are pulling the programming via your Rogers Gateway within your home and using your internet data package.  Rogers Anyplace is using the internet data package on your smartphone or 4g/LTE device.


The fact of the matter seems that there is a BROWSER that is available from CISCO that Rogers has not installed on the devices to allow them to communicate with other DNLA devices on a wired home IP LAN.



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