Deleting Series from NAVIGATR

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Deleting Series from NAVIGATR

How to I record a series I set up?

I have series in my list that aren't even on the air any more. How do I get rid of them?


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Re: Deleting Series from NAVIGATR

Hello @SkaGoat,


This is a great question, thank you for posting this! I know how important it is to have your PVR organized properly and having those old series recordings filling up your list is definitely an eye-sore.


I recently did some cleaning of my PVR so the steps on how to remove the series recordings are still fresh in my mind.


1.) Select "List" on your Rogers Remote.
2.) Select the Series recording from the list that you would like to remove.
3.) Select "Scheduled" on the right side of the screen.
4.) Scroll down a few spaces and select "Cancel Series Recording".
5.) Confirm the cancellation of the Series recording by selecting "Yes" when the pop-up box appears.


This should remove any unwanted Series Recordings that have been set-up.


I hope this helps!



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Re: Deleting Series from NAVIGATR

This option is only available if the Series still has recorded items.


How can I delete the Series after all the episodes have been watched and deleted and no new scheduled recordings are available?

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Re: Deleting Series from NAVIGATR



The instructions are exactly the same, but you must follow the instructions carefully.  Here's my earlier post on the topic of "zombie" recordings.


The zombie recordings are typically grouped "below" any existing recordings you haven't watched yet and above any series recordings that have scheduled recordings to come, but where you've watched all the existing recordings in the "Tile" view.  i.e. press "list" once and scroll down until you find the zombie (or other) series recording that you wish to delete, then follow the instructions in post 2 or my link carefully.

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