8300 HD PVRs Subject to random rebooting!

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8300 HD PVRs Subject to random rebooting!

Lately the 8300 HD PVRs seem to be randomly rebooting at any time of the day. My understanding is that if the box is being updated, it is usually done between midnight and 6:00 AM. A few days ago, our box rebooted 3 times between 5:00 and 5:30 PM. Yesterday it rebooted around 7:00 PM. This morning, it once again rebooted around 7:30 AM. In reading comments on another forum, I know we are not alone in having this issue with the boxes.




Is there a reason for these seemingly random reboots? Every time our box reboots, I live in fear that we will once again lose all of our recordings. It is bad enough that shows being recorded at the time of the reboot are interrupted and split into 2 or more recordings! These problems with the PVR have now been going on since last fall and I for one am getting really tired and frustrated with them!




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Re: 8300 HD PVRs Subject to random rebooting!

My PVR turns itself on a 5:30 every night. Rogers says there is nothing they can do about it

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Re: 8300 HD PVRs Subject to random rebooting!

If your PVR turns off daily at the same time, check your settings ... specifically "Timer: Wake-Up"

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8300 HD PVR re-boots automatically

My 8300 HD PVR re-boots itself automatically 2 to 3 times per month, always at 9pm, usually on a Tuesday, or Wednesday.  It may happen more often, but I only notice when I'm watching TV.


Is there a way to stop these automatic re-boots?  It feels like the PVR is somehow programmed to re-boot, as it always happens at 9pm!

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Re: 8300 HD PVR re-boots automatically

The boxes sometimes will recieve updates, which might require a reboot...

BUT.. they normally fall in the 12pm-2am range.. not normally around 9..


Do dont know if maybe something else is causing your reboots.

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Re: 8300 HD PVR re-boots automatically



That is an odd time for the box to reboot. Maybe it depends on the area you're in. I'm in East York and haven't had a reboot during normal hours for months. I don't know what happens overnight, but I often record something after midnight and it's always worked.


My 8300 is 10 years old and its hard drive died a few months ago. Before it failed completely, I did have a lot of trouble with it rebooting at strange times. I don't know if the hard drive was responsible for the problem but, after I replaced it with a new one, I haven't had a single issue with the box.

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Re: 8300 HD PVR re-boots automatically

No random reboots here with an 8300SD and 8300HD.  It wold default to channel 1, like a power outage, wouldn't it?

SA8300HD, SA8300SD, DTA50, LG-E410B PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

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