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Community Specialist

Hey Community,


Have you heard? 


We've begun rolling out the latest Android Oreo operating system to the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ phones today! I know a few of our members have been waiting for this upgrade and it is now here. Do note that the updates are pushed out in batches, so if you do not get the upgrade notification right away, do not worry!


For future device updates, don't forget to check out our OS Upgrade Schedule!



Community Specialist

Hey Community,


Want to keep up to date with your billing and payments? Looking for a quick way to track your usage? Planning on travelling and wondering what roaming options you have?


Well you are in luck! We got you fully covered with the MyRogers app.




Here’s a list of just some of the many things you can do with the MyRogers app :

  • Track, set up alerts, pause or top up your Wireless Data usage,
  • View your current home internet usage
  • Make a secure payment using your credit card, Debit MasterCard, or Visa Debit
  • Change your Method of Payment
  • Search for Roaming and Travel options
  • Check network status
  • Reset your Digital TV Box
  • Update contact info
  • Access GamePlus


If you don’t already have it, make sure to download the app from the App Store or Google Play!


Hey Community,


Since March is Fraud Prevention Month, we want to raise awareness to some of the scams, fraud and smishing/phishing reported by Community users. As some of you may have noticed, we recently made a new board available: Scam, Phishing & Fraud Discussion.


We encourage you to share your personal experience and that way we can prevent other consumers from being the victim of such schemes.

If compromised, your information can be used for identity theft, industrial espionage and other criminal activities or simply to disrupt the normal course of business.


In order to avoid these unwanted calls, SMS or invoice charges in the future, we suggest:

    • Not to respond to or call back unknown numbers unless the caller left them a personalized message.
    • Never give out your financial information such as credit card numbers.
    • Research the company online before calling back.
    • Sign up for the Do Not Call List.
    • Forward the SMS received to 7726 (SPAM), to register it for investigation and blocking from our network.

You should remember to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report scams and fraudulent activity.

Community Specialist

Hey Community!


Are you ready? 


We got some great wrestling action this weekend so don't miss the action!