Don't miss the MyRogers Payment Contest!

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Don't miss the MyRogers Payment Contest!

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Hey Community,


Have you heard?


From now until October 31, 2017, we are giving our customers a chance to win a $100 Prepaid Visa Card with the MyRogers Payment contest. Each payment made using the MyRogers app or online in September and October automatically enters you in a draw for a chance to win. Best of all, we've got 100 gift cards to give away each month!


Who is eligible to win a prepaid Visa card?

  • All Rogers customers with an account in good standing when the contest opens and who have reached the age of majority in their province
  • Rogers customers who make a payment in the MyRogers app or online

Are you set up for pre-authorized payments?

Don’t worry, you can enter too if you submit a manual payment via MyRogers in September or October and they’ll be entered in the contest!


Don’t have the app? Download it for Android and iOS here.




I'm a Senior Advisor

I see that Rogers is using the carrot method to try to get us to use our MyRogers apps on devices more, but the solution of including us that already have payments is set up does not seem like a reasonable answer to those who have it set up already.


If others are like me, I have many autopayments set up on my banking services, that have been carefully planned around my balances in the account and incoming income timing, and the last thing I am going to do is play around with that timing by doing a manual payment, along with the reality that I don't want to think about payments and inflows as they come and go.


So I appreciate that the suggestion for people on auto payment is there, but for me at least, it is not a practical one, which I will not use.  There is no reason why the programmers when setting this up could not have looked at the codes lying in the MyRogers settings for the person and triggered a contest submission based upon the current payment code in the profile.  Unless, the purpose was purely to get us to go to MyRogers, which for this group seeing this contest notice, we got here via MyRogers login anyway if you have one.


Just a comment.  Some may want to do a manual payment, but not me.  I guess I could pop in and do a 1.00 payment  Smiley Wink


Sorry for shooting the messenger Roland.