2nd SIM card not useable?

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2nd SIM card not useable?

Hi,  I bought a cheapo unlocked Polaroid A1, then bought a pay-as-you-go Rogers SIM card.  All was well.  I later bought a second Bell SIM card on a plan.  The phone has dual SIM card slots, so I could select which number I wanted to dial from.  All was well.  I travelled to Saudi, then UK, now I'm back in Canada.  All is NOT well.


Only the Rogers SIM card works in my good ol' Polaroid.  The Bell SIM card shows no antenna connection.  I've tried the Bell card in another phone and it works.  In my Polaroid phone, it does not work.  I've tried manually connecting to networks, switching card slots, powering up and down, etc.  Is it possible that Rogers has some how locked my phone?  If not, what could be causing my Bell card to no longer function in the Polaroid phone?





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I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: 2nd SIM card not useable?

After some web research, it seems that some providers can indeed create NCK locks and / or SPCK locks that prohibit other networks / SIM cards from operating.  Originally, my phone was purchased as unlocked, so there must be an antidote to the locking.  How do I remove an NCK or SPCK lock?

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Re: 2nd SIM card not useable?

Most locks happen at the carrier level.. that they are locked before they are sold to you..

I myself have never heard of a sim specifically LOCKING a phone.
I know two people who use a ONE+ phone with dual slots, with no issues.


I think the big issue here is the types of networks.

Rogers is GSM.

Bell I believe, is still CDMA??

That phone, only supports GSM, from what I can see.

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