Delay activating new SIM?

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Delay activating new SIM?

I've been trying to activate my new phone & new SIM since yesterday. I've spoken with Rogers support a few times now and they claim that there is a delay (for some reason) for the activation process and that it can take up to 24 hours (it has been about 24 hours but still not working)...


Is there a status page that shows the status of this delay and when the Rogers issue might be resolved?


I've been left without a phone and am frustrated that I wasn't warned about this problem (since I would have delayed activating the new phone if I had known...)




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Re: Delay activating new SIM?

Hello @adnix,


Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for your post.


I can totally understand your frustration. It's definitely important to have access to your phone when you need it.


When you spoke with support, did they escalate a ticket on your behalf? If so, you should be notified of resolution, which I'm hopeful is soon.


Keep us posted!



I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Delay activating new SIM?

Thanks for the response. Yes, they did escalate a ticket. Unfortunately it has been over 24 hours and they still aren't able to provide an approximate time estimate (though originally they had promised within 24 hours). Do you have any when the global issue might be resolved?


As it is, I am still without service. Smiley Sad



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Re: Delay activating new SIM?

I have been on hold for over 40 minutes on two other devices . My new phone still is not connected and I bought it over 7 hours ago. The customer service chat lines aren't answering. Does anyone else have this problem?


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Re: Delay activating new SIM?

Hello @canamal,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for reaching out.  


I'm sorry to hear you had a hard time connecting with us to get this resolved.  If you and @adnix are still experiencing any issues, please reach out to us via private message to @CommunityHelps.  For more information on our Private Message system, please see this page.



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