Two RocketHub devices and one active SIM card.

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Two RocketHub devices and one active SIM card.

I have two model ZTE MF28B RocketHub devices and one active SIM card.   I wish to designate one device as static and the other as mobile.     That is, I wish to leave one device at home and use the other device while traveling, moving the SIM card from one to the other.    


From my my initial testing, this appears to work (I'm now using the mobile device after having moved the SIM card from the static device a few minutes ago).    


Are there any known issues with this practice (e.g., billing, data usage tracking, etc.)?



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Re: Two RocketHub devices and one active SIM card.

Good evening @gwmacdonald ,


Welcome to the Community Forums & Thanks for your post!


I can imagine how convenient it must be to have the ability to simply switch SIM card between devices, as opposed to carrying your Rocket Hub around when traveling. It's my pleasure to shed some light on this.


To answer your question, you definitely can and it is not an issue at all.

On our end, it will be seamless since you cannot use both hubs at the same time.


With regards to the data usage monitoring, make sure you do not go according to appears in the "built-in" data meter, since it will be biased, taking into consideration you're not constantly using the same one. 


Hope this helps!



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