Re-sync email account with outlook

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Re-sync email account with outlook



I have a email account. By mistake the 'remove messages from server after 14 days' option in Outlook was selected and it had been deleted old message online. I have the messages locally, is there any way to get them back on the server?





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Re: Re-sync email account with outlook

Hello, @boomboompow


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. I'm glad that you have the emails available locally in your Outlook.


The option of leaving the messages on the server or removing is the feature of the POP mail server. After the messages are downloaded to the email client(Outlook) they can't be synced or uploaded. 




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Resident Expert
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Re: Re-sync email account with outlook

Bar forwarding them all to you via forwarding, etc..   yeah generally there is no way to get them all back to the server Smiley Sad

One reason why I generally just set up most clients via IMAP now, where its always just a 1:1 sync.  So if you 'delete' something, should be in the trash and recoverable for a period of time.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Re-sync email account with outlook

Thank you both, for your expertise.



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