Hitron CGNM-3552 not allowing connection on devices

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Hitron CGNM-3552 not allowing connection on devices



We have a Hitron CGNM-3552 with a number of devices connected (4 roommates with phones, tablets and computers). 


We are having the issue that a computer became unconnected from the network. While trying to troubleshoot the issue, I took my computer off of the wireless network and plugged in to one of the Ethernet ports. After doing this, the network became visible again to the other computer and it was connected. When I removed the Ethernet port from my computer, however, I was unable to reconnect my computer to the network wirelessly. 


I am looking for some help pinpointing the issue with our wireless network. Is there a max number of devices that can be connected wirelessly to this router? I thought wireless connections were based on bandwidth capacity?


Thanks for any help,



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Re: Hitron CGNM-3552 not allowing connection on devices

@nikargo what you have just determined is that there is some issue with the wifi adapter on that particular computer.  Either there is a problem with the IP Address assignment or some other setting that is occupying the modem's network controller to the extent that you can't connect anything else to the modem.  First thing I would do is drill down into the adapter settings and ensure that the IP address and DNS address are set on Auto, which allows the modem to assign the both to the computer.  If there is a function to reset the adapter to its default settings that would be the next step.  Finally, I would delete all of the current network profiles on the computer, wired and wifi.  Here's a link to a search for the procedure to delete the network profiles for Windows 10.  You would have to delete both ethernet, and wifi profiles.  




There are similar procedures for Windows 7 & 8.  When the profiles have been deleted, the operating system will rebuild the network profile when it connects to a wired or wifi network. 


In terms of the number of devices that a modem or router can support, I believe that is 254 devices, which should be the maximum number of devices that can be addressed as a subnet participant.  That may not be the exact reason, but I believe the number is pretty close.  While that number may be theoretically possible, that really limits the bandwidth allowed for each device, so, while possible, its not necessarily practical. 

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