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Condominium Fibre

Hello Everyone,


I'm interested in getting Rogers internet installed in my condo, it's a new building so we have Fibre straight up to the wiring closet in the units. I was told that it's pre-wired for both Bell and Rogers, currently, I have Bell so their service is delivered via that piece of fibre (GPON). Is Rogers delivering their service over fibre in these newer buildings or is that still over coaxial?


I spoke to a sales representative and he mentioned that they use the Hitron 4582 but that's a coaxial only modem I believe. If Rogers uses the fibre, what's the device they would use?


Thank you!


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Re: Condominium Fibre

Hello @nicholas1520,


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Fibre-To-The-Home is definitely an exciting feature and will allow you to obtain super fast speeds! We are able to provide our service in these newer buildings by utilizing an Optical Network Unit (ONU).


The ONU converts the Fibre Optic signal to an RF electrical signal inside the home which is then transmitted via Coaxial to the Rogers Modem. Our modems currently do not have the ability to receive the Fibre optic signal directly.






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