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Bridge Mode Setup Guide

Hey fellow forum users.  If anyone is willing to help me with this, it would be appreciated. 

I am wanting to make a 'bridged mode setup guide', pretty much one thread, which goes

"smc - how to"
"Cisco - how to"
"hitron - how to"


And would also put in a 4th section, of the alternative of how to set up your own router as just an access point as well.

As i have general knoledge, i havent done the setup myself on all the models, i am asking for your help/input.  Pretty much just step by step instructions, login, this page, change this, reboot... as detailed as possible.


This way we have an easy spot for reference for users comming in to point to - will be requesting it to be stickied at the top of the forum.



Yes i understand that this shouldnt be necessary, etc.. they should offer d3 modems, etc.  I dont want to get into that in this thread Smiley Happy  Its more to collectively get this together to be able to help other users with setting it up.

Please feel free to reply here, or PM me with the info.

I look forward to your input.



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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"



I love your initiative.  It makes a lot of sense that we should have such documentation available for our Forum participants.


I will PM you with my thoughts and suggestions.




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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"

Hello Gdkitty,


I have done this a few times with my SMC D3GN gateway (hated the wifi dropped connections all the time) so I'm pretty comfortable in at least this model.


The steps to set to bridge mode on SMCD3GN gateway:

1. In a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) type in address bar.

2. Default login information on the gateway is username: CUSADMIN and password: <BLANK>

3. On the left hand side of page you'll see TOOLS, click on it.

4. In this page there is a simple check box labelled "Turn off Commercial gateway functions", check it, then click apply.

5. Your modem will now reboot itself, if all went accordingly your computer will no longer have a LAN IP ( but a Rogers IP (I don't know Rogers IP range but usually it starts off with 99.x.x.x)


Bridge mode would be active now (no wifi capabilities and minimal router functionality)


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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"



nice write up of the procedure.  As Gdkitty initiated the thread, I am sure he will respond too.


In your point 5 you mention that: "...Your modem will now reboot itself, if all went accordingly your computer will no longer have a LAN IP ( but a Rogers IP (I don't know Rogers IP range but usually it starts off with 99.x.x.x)..."


Just to clarify: your setup for bridging the modem here is with (only) a PC connected directly to the SMC D3GN gateway, presumably by ethernet cable to a LAN port.  In that case, as you have described it, once bridging of the SMC is done it is the PC ethernet interface that has the Rogers-assigned IP address parameters, whatever they may be.


The approach you describe is IMHO the simplest and hence the best way to perform the bridging operation initially.  Once your procedure has successfully been completed and tested/verified as working, then the next step would be to proceed with the addition of the external router to the network.


Once the external router has been configured and inserted between the PC and the SMC bridged modem, the external router WAN interface will then be configured with the Rogers-assigned IP address parameters.  The LAN side of the external router will have a subnet address range of 192.168.nnn.nnn, depending on the router type and its factory defaults.  Of course the factory default LAN IP address range can be changed if desired.


This approach seems to be a good template for adding an external router to the other Rogers D3 modem/gateway products.


Thanks again for your participation and contribution to this project.






Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"

Ski north beat me to it Smiley Happy. Again starting off by saying thank you for contributing.

I do agree, this will be a good approach as I write the guide up. Doing gateway to pc first to guarantee that it is changed over correctly first before introducing the router into the configuration.

One thing I haven't tried myself, so not sure if it is an issue or not. I know in the past the modems often liked to tie themselves I into the MAC address of the first device connected, so by putting the pc in first then the router, will the modem communicate correctly to the router? I know again in the past, a soft reboot was required for it to grab the MAC address of the router instead. Just curious if experienced the same thing with these units?

Something to include in the guide. Though usually a good idea to reboot the unit anyways while doing procedures like this anyways.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"

I do have the HITRON instructions now as well.

I used to have the Cisco, but i forget what the settings were.  If anyone still has a cisco and would be able to provide this, it would be appreciated.

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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"

- can you please post the Hitron setup instructions !
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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"

This forum is great .. but should not exist .. I'm really glad you made it... But the fact that Rogers advertises whole home coverage and their are hundreds of posts and thousands of views on how to fix Wi-Fi range issues should tell rogers that they need yo fix it... I'm not my isp ... Rogers is.. they should live up to their promises
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Resident Expert
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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"

I wont argue that fact.

The devices, FAR from live up to what is advertised.
Now.. i understand they cant cover EVERY scenario... If they said "covers the whole house" and it covered a 2000sq/ft home.. i would say that its living up to what it says it can do... anything biger? might not... but that could happen with a 3rd party one if the house is big enough.

Unfortunately, they barely cover the range of a 2 bedroom appartment.

I agree, that it shouldnt be necessary.

BUT... there are people like myself.. where Rogers is the ONLY service in town really (I can get DSL, but at 6mb/s MAX), only 3rd party are DSL coverage only with same restrictions.
Until rogers does descide to make a change on the hardware choices.. these things, etc, are here to help people with that.

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Re: Help making a "Bridged Mode Setup Guide"

1st;   Disable wireless

2nd: In the initilization screen, Click Status > Capability. 

in this screen Disable Residential Gateway and UPnP.

Modem will reboot and you will be in bridged mode.

Plug router in Lan1 and your set to go.

Worked for me.


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