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Welcome to the How To Videos & Knowledge Articles Board!

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Welcome to the How To Videos & Knowledge Articles Board!

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Here you will find a compiled list of helpful videos  and articles related to our many Rogers products and its features.


Did you recently upgrade your Rogers Rocket Modem and need to get your Home Network setup again?

Did you acquired a new wireless device and not familiar with the new OS?

Did you purchase a new TV and need to program your Rogers Remote?


If so, you have come to the right place. Here you will find answers to all the above and much much more. To make the experience even better, we also have sorted all of our Videos and Articles by Board so it will be easier to find what you are looking for.


Got an idea or suggestion on how to improve the community and/or the Rogers experience, please post it in Community Questions & Suggestions.



List of How To Videos & Knowledge Articles



How To: Setting up or Resetting your voicemail password (Video)

How To: Performing a Factory Reset on your Wireless Device (Video)

How To: Pairing a Device using Bluetooth (Video)

How To: Uninstall Apps on your wireless device (Video)

How To: Check Device Balance on MyRogers

Rogers Wi-Fi Calling FAQs

How To: Enabling Data Roaming for Android & iOS Devices (Video)

How To: Transfer Data from an iOS Device to an Android Device (Video)

How To: Transfer Data from an Android Device to an iOS Device (Video)



How To: Rogers APN Settings

How To: Sync Media Files with Samsung Kies

How To: Share Files with Android Beam

How To: Back Up your Android Device

How To: Battery Saving Tricks for Android OS (Video)

How To: Back Up and Restore your Samsung Devices (Video)

How To: Set up Android Wi-Fi Calling on Your Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus

How To: Set up Android Wi-Fi Calling on Your LG G4



How To & FAQs: iOS 9 WiFi Calling

How To: Set Up, Greetings and Accessing Visual VM

How To: Free Up Space on your iPhone

How To: Backup your iPhone with iCloud

How To: Restore your iPhone using iTunes

How To: Setting up Wi-Fi Calling on iOS Devices (Video)

How To: Adding/Removing Email accounts for iOS (Video)

How To: Battery Saving Tricks for iOS Devices (Video)

How To: Video Calling using Facetime on iOS Devices (Video)

How To: Turn on Personal Hotspot on iOS Devices (Video)



How To: Set Up your BlackBerry 10 Voicemail

How To: Find and Use Cool BlackBerry Shortcuts

How To: Switch from Android/iPhone to BlackBerry 10

How To: Set Up your BlackBerry ID

How To: Battery Saving Tricks for Blackberry 10 OS (Video)

How To: Reset your Blackberry ID Password (Video)


Windows & Other Devices

How To: Solve Common Everyday Tech Headaches

How To: Battery Saving Tricks for Windows Mobile devices (Video)


Network & Coverage

How To: Get onto the LTE Network


Mobile Internet

How To: Set Up your Rocket Mobile Hotspot


Pay as You Go™ 

How To: Getting Started with PAYGO


Internet, TV & Home Phone


How To: Uninstall, Download and Install Rogers Online Protection

How To: Setup your Rogers HiTron Modem & Modify Your Wireless Settings

How To: Restore Your Rogers Yahoo Emails

How To: Reset your Email Password

How To: Use Rogers Speed Check

How To: Diagnosing Slow Internet & Basic Internet Troubleshooting

How To: Changing/Resetting your Wi-Fi password (Video)

How To: Setting up a Wireless Network (Video)

How To: Creating a Rogers Yahoo! Email Address (Video)

How To: Creating a secondary Rogers Yahoo! email address (Video)

How To: Updating your Rogers Yahoo! Email Settings 



How To: Programing your Rogers Remote for RCA TVs

How To: Use the NextBox Navigatr Guide

How To: Order TV Channels, Packages or On Demand Events

How To: Watch On-Demand Music Videos

How To: Program your Rogers Digital Adapter (DTA) Remote 

How To: Set Up & Use TV Call Display

How To: Set Up Parental Controls & Creat/Change your On Demand PIN Code

How To: Program your Rogers Remote

How To: Delete or Cancel Recordings on Navigatr (Video)

How To: Setting up a recording using Navigatr (Video)

How To: Add or Remove Closed Captioning (Video)

How To: Changing font size for new Atlantic Guide 

How To: Delete Multiple Recordings on Navigatr

How To: Toggling Between Tile View & List View on Navigatr

How To: Navigate through the Welcome Screens on Navigatr


Homephone & Wireless Home Phone

How To: Get Your Rogers Home Phone Voicemail Texted or Emailed to You

How To: Get Started with Rogers Wireless Home Phone

How To: ZTE WF271 Wireless Home Phone Firmware Update

How To: Activate your Rogers Home Phone Voicemail and retrieve messages (Video)


Account Support, MyRogers & Additional Services

How To: Subscribing to your Share Everything + Plan's Free experience (Video)


Account Support

How To: Learning about Credit Scores

How To: Everything about Credit Limits

How To: Bill Payments

How To: Make Sense of Tech Jargon

How To: Set Up Voice Mail on your Wireless Phone

How To: Troubleshoot your Caller ID


How To: Skip Voicemail Inbox Password Prompt

How To: Change your Address When Moving

How To: Use SureTap Wallet to Pay with your Smartphone



How To: Managing your Usage and Data Tips

How To: MyRogers App

How To: Check your Internet and Wireless Usage (Postpaid)

How To: Go Paperless with Online Billing

How To: Download Detailed Usage

How To: Activating a Sim Card on MyRogers (Video)

How To: Using the DeviceAid Feature in the MyRogers app (Video)



Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™

How To: Start Live Streaming NHL Games on Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™?

How To: Register for Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™?


Spotify™ & Texture™



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