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Re: blocking calls

Blocking unwanted callers


I am looking at the online manager and I can see how to set up numbers for callers I want to block, but it seems the only way to  turn it on is to allow a message to be given to those calling that I am unavailable.  I would rather the call just be disconnected or hung up.  Is there no way to do this?  Do I have to choose the yes option on them receiving a message that I am unavailable?

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Re: blocking calls

@rye_encoke :  Call blocking is pretty useless these days because most telemarketers now spoof numbers and they rotate the numbers so that the same number will not come up the next time. See posts 57, 60, 62, 65 onwards in this thread for my recommendations for handling telemarketers, depending on your preferences.


@rye_encoke wrote:

I would rather the call just be disconnected or hung up.  Is there no way to do this?  

See the following link. You can set up a "white list", however, unfortunately, that (online manager) white list can only handle 30 numbers, which is not enough for most people who may have 50-100 people in their contact list and it appears you still get the "announcement".

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