My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

Hi ....
I was with Bell Aliant all my life and I don't know for the life of me why I switched to Rogers ....Nothing only trouble since I signed up on Oct 25 2016...I signed up and told Rogers that I wanted to keep my home phone # and that I had a fax for my work because I work from home....So the tech came and hooked my modem up in the basement not even in my office and I didn't want that...So when he was done he left a message of extension cords just hanging down and then the the modem fell off the was and broke and I didn't even know for a couple of days that I had no phone no fax and no internet...So then when I called them they told me it was going to cost me a charge to and out another tech and I said no way I'm not paying it so I had to way another week so when the 1st tech was done I asked him if everything was going to work my fax especially and he said yes ....Then when the 2nd tech came to fix what the 1st tech done he said the same thing neither one of the tech checked the fax or showed me anything ...And it is now Feb 02.2017 and my fax is still not working even after call after call chat after chat to Rogers one customer rep told me that they didn't port my fax # that I had with bell when they ported my home phone # because I had a different fax # from my phone # but it was on the same line and my brother all in one machine had a distinctive ring for my fax so the rep told me they couldn't do anything for me only charge me $6.00 bucks a month for the fax number ..Now I'm sure you can believe that because I had a GUT feeling when I switched I shouldn't of done it and I refuse to pay that and I told them that and it's their mistake ...So one day last week a fax came through and it had to be the fax # I had with bell because that's the fax # that my customers have so I don't think for one minute anyone at Rogers know what they are tall ng about and I told the 1st tech not to hook up them modem upon my basement but he did because I wanted the modem in my office to hook up my brother machine but no that didn't happen and then the 2nd one wouldn't do it either .I'm so discussed but Rogers don't mind calling 5 or 6 times a week looking for their money and I got mad and told them I wasn't paying for the hook up so they took that off my bill and wants to change me 6bucks a month for my fax when I had 2 different #'s with bell and no charge for my different fax # so can you guide me where to go next because I know if I call Rogers again and asked them to send out a tech to bring the modem up from down in my basement to my office and my basement is not even finished ...I will explode and if they tell me I have to pay for the tech to check me out I will double explode ...It's unbelievable ...I should of went with my GUT FEELING in the beginning about Rogers .. Thanks
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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

Ooh boy @Sylv_B  Sounds like a lot of miscommunication occurred when they were doing the switch over.


I will respond to each section as I see them:


Desired location for install


Firstly, my experience with the phone modem, is they asked me where I wanted it, and since I didn't have a line near where I asked for, they ran a new line, outside to wall, and brought in the line with lots of extra bundled with twist tie allowing me to move it in future which I did.  Presented no problem - did they ask you where you wanted it?


They may not have asked because in general, the location of the phone modem doesn't matter, as long as it has access to an internal phone line and a plug.  There is nothing you have to do with it as a user, you just need to know where it is in case you need to trouble shoot.  When mine was installed, they asked me where the closest phone jack was that I use regularly, which in my case was the basement, and they set it on my office desk, and then a junction jack was installed to bring the phone service to all lines in the home. In general, they will look for the closest cable run that your Internet will be on and closest access to an internal phone line.


If you did, you are well within your rights to use the escalation process to get it where you asked for it to be put, and if they didn't ask, it would surprise me.


I don't know if you are also talking about a internet modem, and that certainly makes sense to be at your office, although, again, doesn't need to be if you don't use ethernet, or it is already wired ethernet.  If it is wifi, it can go anywhere, but still I would have thought they would ask how you do your work.


Distinctive Ring

Second, they are right, the distinctive ring for the fax is an add-on but they would have had to put a number port on both your home phone number and the distinctive ring.  It is possible that the original person involved was confused and thought you used a fax on the same number, which many all in ones can do, you just have to set them up to receive, but if this is for business purposes, I would expect that it would be a distinctive ring, because you would want to receive faxes on demand and be able to use your phone too.


Bit of research, yes the distinctive ring is 6.00 end it is on the same line, and since it didn't get ported, I suspect that they didn't ask or didn't understand what you were after when you said fax and home phone.


It is possible that Bell Aliant this is a free feature, but Rogers it is an additional cost but you should have been told that.


Falling off the wall


If they installed it on the wall, I would hold them responsible - they may question if you yanked the cord by accident or did some work around it, but just be honest and hold your ground.


In my case, they first put it on my desk, but when I moved it, I mounted it in my furnace room on the wall - the mounting holes are not well made (the plastic holes are very fragile to any force or shifting) - mine got broken and knocked off the wall when my furnace guy was in, but fortunately did not break.  I have since, put it on a shelf and used the remaining secure mounting holes.


But do present your case that there should be no charge, but be aware that when they send out techs, they always advise that there may be a charge if it turns out to be something on your end not a result of them.  Most of the time people don't get charged, but they have to give you advance notice.


Fax setup checking


You are not the first person to be on the forums talking about fax setups and testing.  Their responsibility is to make sure the line is active, not that all your equipment functions properly.  I have always had the experience that they checked my equipment, but it sounds like it may be that in their order the distinctive number may not have been communicated, so they wouldn't have known to test for distinctive ring.


You indicate that installer said that both phone and fax would work, but it looks like they didn't check it either the first time, nor the second time.  Skills of installers vary.  Please be aware I am not accepting the behaviour of Rogers installers and customer reps as appropriate in anyway, some will test, some don't, some run out the lines and make sure it all works, some don't, and some ask where it should go and some don't.


Ported distinctive ring Fax


Now that is the one that I can see why you are so confused - sounds like a total miscommunication of all that was happened.  It sounds like Rogers may not have requested the distinctive ring to come over, just the home number, but since a call came in on it, then it must have been ported and set up at some point of time, but maybe when the port was done, they processed both the distinctive ring and home number together, and never documented.


Have you tested it yourself having someone send a fax on the distinct number?  Sounds like it was done.  I have seen where some of the CSR's really have no understanding of telephone equipment and how it works in relationship to distinctive ring, separate line, versus, how to set up the splitter on the fax machine when it is one line only.


You are not the first person along with others who has walked a fax issue through with.


My own suggestion is that you start from scratch here, put all the history and frustration behind you as best you can


And then call in to first level CSR, and say you are trying to get the following cleared up.


You want the modem put in a location of your preference, that you were never asked or consulted on it.

You want the distinctive number on your home phone line in order to facilitate incoming fax, and confirmation that it has been set up and is functioning properly.


If you have been charged a second tech charge for the second tech trip, try to get it back, and it is great they refunded the original install, now you just want the work finished and working properly and tested to make sure it is working properly, with verbal instructions on how Rogers works with this setup.


As for the issue of price, that is market value, and it is unfortunate that they didn't tell you of the fact, but sounds like they may have turned on the distinctive ring, and then advised you of the charge, when you thought you had the distinctive ring in place from day one and pricing was like Bell-Aliant.


Personally, I would ask for a credit for miscommunication, but they are in their rights to charge you as they have advised you - from the time they advised you.


Final note


When calling in, if you find you get frustrated, or they are not understanding, take a break, get clear in your head what you are asking for and what you think they have said, and try to clarify.  If you can't then ask to escalate to manager until you get some level of satisfaction.


It is unfortunate that you had to go through this, and I hope my suggestions will help you move on with life.


Search Rogers escalation process on the Internet and you can get the whole description of how that works.


Good luck and hope it works out.




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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

I'm not familiar with Bell Aliant but it sounded like you had IdentaCall feature and you were not paying for it, it might have been included in your home phone bundle. You probably did not know this so when you talked to Rogers, you just mentioned "fax machine" which is what most people do, and they took note of it. its not their mistake and also not really your mistake, its more like you were not entirely familiar with what services you had, but thats ok, im sure they will sort it out

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

@Pauly  In total agreement on what you have just said - home fax usage is becoming rare, but not that uncommon - I have one, but I have lots of experience in configuring fax (independent, all in ones, separate lines, and distinct ring), and the average user that I supported did not fully understand what I set up for them, they just were happy it worked, and I will be honest, after asking exactly what they wanted to do, I gave them a few options to choose between devices, but I was acting as a consultant and making a recommendation with discussion between the customer and the telecom company.


It is suprisinly an ackward set of options, easily misunderstood because when we say I have a fax, they may  not realize that they have multiple questions that need to be asked in order to meet the customer's needs and some of those questions are to clarify customers needs and also full pricing.  At a time, you also had to deal that some long distance hop lines outside the company did not permit fax or internet transmission.


So I agree with @Pauly, most likely miscommunication on both sides which is easy to happen, you know pretty much what you know and they know what they know and this is not a common thing anymore. And then you throw too different companies and they all use different terms, pricing models, so you are often left trying to translate through what are kind of different languages.


I too am sure it will get sorted out, keep poking away at it.  It seems you are close to the final solution, and you still have a few functional issues to resolve.  This is one of the most common challenges that both Rogers and customers have - is miscommunication of services, their familiarity and our own, and then they throw changes in names, bundling, etc, and more confusion grows.


I still hope the COO's committment to more authority and training to lower level staff will help resolve some of these issues.



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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

Thanks BS. Yeah i too have acted as a middle man for many telco installs from every telco company in the gta. In my experience it used to be different back in the day when fax machines were popular and identacall came out the reps had lots of training because they worked hard to push sales and activations but todays reps receive basic training its not their fault but upper management cutting training costs. Its nice to have a techie friend so people can go to and get an explanation in plain english of what you have and what you need.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

Hi Bruce
Thanks for responding to my furstration with Rogers ...I don't understand it the fax # I had from bell for s working to send but when someone faxes me it doesn't work so I did have a different fax# from my home phone # when I was with bell so they must have ported the fax line . Don't you think ....I get so furstrated with them I try chatting on line with them but I don't know a lost cost so I'm going to call them I want my mod moved to my office like I wanted him to do at 1st and all he had to do was drill a hole through my office was to the living room wall and the TV and jack was right there ...And it seems like the more I complain the less they hear me ....I deal with customers all day long and I would never treat my customers like that . It's just aweful ..So I'm going to call and ask to speak with management .. because when I would do an online chat at night after my work if they would transfer me to tech support or a manager I would always get disconnected and then you would have thought wait in line again so I don't know ....I'm just not happy with the service at all ..And I don't like to much change in my life de now at my age and I told them that at the beginning ...I would just like to be able to receive faxes from my customers ...So thank you Bruce
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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

@Sylv_B  Thanks for the kind response - I agree with you 100% on your frustration and the inconsistent support to you as a customer.  I like you have difficulties with changes, and expect companies to help me get through changes.  I am getting older too, but in my case I have an ace in the hole - Accibilities for Ontarions' with disabilities act.


Under the current status - Rogers and all customer service companies are expected to be fully in compliance on the customer side of their services.  So now when I call in, I explain that I have cognitive disabilities and challenges with fully understanding what is being said and how to communicate what I am asking for (I don't have to tell them my disability, not required, I just have to say I require accommodations due to a disability and these are the accommodations, so please be patient as I ask you to clarify many times, to restate things often and to give me time to write and document everything that I hear and say, and to clarify that I heard them correctly.  Most are willing - but with age, I would just suggest, you start with, I am aging, so we will need to take some time.  It is pretty bad that we have to have laws to protect accessability - I used to call that high quality customer service - first enquire and explore what the customer's needs are, their concerns if a concern call, and then walk through each item - but high quality customer service requires quality and consistent training, follow-up, quallity assurance (they do say they tape for that reason), and a quality work environment with reasonable salaries and benefits (yeh, I know that effects the bottom line - I don't know what they make, but I know what my daughter makes with another company that has very high quality services and customer support in the industry, and she isn't front line with humans, she makes sure that quality and compliance is in place for their on demand services, close captioning, linencing compliance etc.  Her customer is the tv viewer, the providers, and the front line customer reps when things go wrong.  She told me that they have to get notices out quickly to CSR's and tech support when things go wrong from their own end so that the CSR's can respond quickly with time frames, and upper management can consider compensation for customer, and this is a company that does it often - even compensation for waiting over 10 minutes. (small but some).


But back to you.


A well trained CSR would have dealt with your call in this manner (just my opinion, having provided support to my staff and my CSR's for provision of telcom and networking services, photocopying, fax, etc).


First, when you said you needed to port your line and stated that you needed to have a fax ported too, they, (if they were trained- so I lay the responsibility with the quality and training department and if it is not trained and supported well, then ultimately Rogers).


So next questions - do you have a distinctive ring, or are you running an all-in one fax/printer/scanner.


You may not know what a distinctive ring is (as you may understand it under Bell -Aliant terminology and marketing).


So you respond, I have a fax, but am not sure what a distinctive ring is - do you have two seperate phone numbers, one for home and one for fax, and you hear a different ring for both types of calls.  You are now on common ground.


They next ask if you want both those numbers ported over - you say yes.


Then direction is given to the installer to set up a home phone with distinctive ring - any any teleco installer worth their grain of salt, tests to make sure that both numbers ring into the home properly.


I agree, that they should be asking where you want to connections to go - they would be moving from your standard plain old telephone connections (POTS) copper wire, so they would have to use any existing coax in your home, or run new runs.  The modem and cable can be on the same line, but are supposed to be run in separately from your cable tv coax, so a new run usually has to be run anyway - that can go in any wall from the outside.


When they move it to your location, it may not be pretty in the install, as they will often do carpet tucks, or clipped to wall door frames, or baseboards, or even ceiling, but you will get it where you ask for it.


Then this one seems logical to me is that they plug in your equipment and ensure it all works properly - but I don't know if they are required to do that or not., but they should say so, if they don't at no rate.  Unfortunately, they can test live connections without connecting your equipment.


Then when you called back, I would expect good customer service, to fully understand what happened, what they do as part of the install and don't do except for cost, and what your responsibilities are, and to acknowledge if miscommunication occurred, and clarify those.


I may be living in a bit of eutopian world, but since I used to do customer service and was the manager and director along the way, I was of the view that it was our responsibility to first understand the customers problems to ask all the relevant questions about their service needs, and if they don't fully understand something, ask for support from another rep or senior staff.  I may not have known how to do it all, but I had to know how it got installed and what they were talking about, and when you can't answer on the spot, then say so and arrange a call back.


But they seem to have a different view to customer service than I do (at least from my own experience - some do know how, but it is inconsistent which suggests training and supervision and aquality assurance.)


So good luck - to escalate, I find the report a concern on myrogers page to be the most effective.  It avoids waiting on line and ask for a phone call at your convienent time.


I relate too well, and part of my purpose on this forum is to help people like yourself get through the frustration and get changes - you pay for it, so it is reasonable to expect it.


My best of luck to you,

And your steps of what you want done (starting all over like I suggested), is the way to go.  Put the other stuff behind you and try to move on.



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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

Faxes don't really work all that well on packet cable.  The machines fall out of sync with any jitter, and the speed has to be reduced to 9600.

The other problem is call waiting and voice mail.  I don't know Rogers has "deny call waiting" and "no forward" options for the 2nd number.  Packet cable home phone and TDM home phone are different animals.

I used to have to set it like this ...

SDN_OPT: n (don't forward to voice mail when busy or when not answered)
SDN_DNY: DNYCWT (no call waiting beeps on incoming calls)

The main number is unaffected.  It's a tricky one.  What switch does Rogers use?

Retired Moderator RogersShaun
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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

Hi @DominicB,


Thanks for reaching out!


I'm not super clear on the issue you're having, but I'd be happy to find the right information for you.


To clarify, are you trying to have your 2nd line forward to the 1st?


Kind regards,


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Re: My fax will not work plugged into phone modem

@RogersShaun and @DominicB


I think that this is what is being asked.




DominicB wrote:

Faxes don't really work all that well on packet cable.  The machines fall out of sync with any jitter, and the speed has to be reduced to 9600.


I do run faxes over my Rogers home and have never had any problems. My HP LaserJet MFP M130fw is currently running at 14400, but the manual does provide warning that it may not work reliably - you are very right that Packet cable home phone and TDM home phone really are different animals.  It is a bit of use at your own risk.  The only way currently to stay safe is to have a standard POTS (Plain old telephone system) copper connection from provider of your choice if available in your neighbourhood.


HP does also provide other options, but choices are kind of VOIP provider specific and product specific.


I am guessing that you provided this information as a bit of "buyer beware" when it comes to Fax on Packet Home Phones, or VOIP.

The other problem is call waiting and voice mail.  I don't know Rogers has "deny call waiting" and "no forward" options for the 2nd number.  Packet cable home phone and TDM home phone are different animals.


My understanding is that the 2nd number functions independently of the first line coming from the digital phone terminal, and that the deny call waiting and no forward options, and all other @*codes are available, but best to check with tech support on that one.

I used to have to set it like this ...

SDN_OPT: n (don't forward to voice mail when busy or when not answered)
SDN_DNY: DNYCWT (no call waiting beeps on incoming calls)


Again, my understanding is that is what you would do by dialing these codes on the second line.

The main number is unaffected.  It's a tricky one.  What switch does Rogers use?


I don't see anywhere in my reading of this that you are asking how to forward your second line to the first one.  You are asking about * code for ring option, do not forward to voice mail, and no call waiting beeps on incoming calls, as any of these would kill a fax incoming or prevent outgoing faxes (the beep on that issue).


As to what kind of switch, not sure anyone in this group would know - you seem to have a very good handle on the whole issue of faxing.


So just to clarify - If I am right, 


1. You are warning us about the issue of sending fax over packet systems and best choice of speeds as a follow-up to other's discussions about using faxes and other issues. So kind of FYI, buyer beware points which are important for sure.

2. You want to confirm whether the second line supports the related * codes necessary for use of faxes, incoming and outgoing, and provided your specific identification of the related features - that one only tech support can confirm - there is little said in any of the help docs and FAQ's about 2nd lines, or virtual line setups.


And finally, am I right, you are not asking anything about forwarding your 1st line to your 2nd line?


Thanks for the updates - I had not known about the packet issue until you brought it up, and did research on my own device - I have never had a problem, and I use it on my first line only, so I have never run into it, but HP and sites on the topic certainly speak to the issue.  


One of the suggestions is that the provider can make some adjustments from their end to deal with it, and the other is to be aware of heavy packet traffic when faxing may be an issue.


Definitely you know your telecom side of things very very well. Nice to see someone who does.  It still exists out there and people with your knowledge are important to have around.  I had my own inside tech in my company who had done telco work, and I just signed contracts, but I learned a lot from him over the years.  Now VOIP, I have no experience with


Again, thanks for you input.




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