Fox News why not full HD?

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Re: Fox News why not full HD?


I have to assume that to the lefties, CNN reports the news accurately. SMH! Yes, I would be interested to see if Fox News is offered in HD by bell, but doubt they would be any different than rogers.

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Re: Fox News why not full HD?

A quick look on Bell listing, Fox News is in SD, but no channel in HD, and it doesn't appear that any provider in Canada provides it in HD.


Political discussions aside, I want nothing to do with them, my understanding is that Rogers and others make their decisions on channel provision based upon viewership and requests for channel.


It has been well discussed in various threads, that there are some channels not in HD, CNBC is another one, along with a couple of others.


This question keeps being asked, and the standard answer, from here, if you call in, you raise a concern wil be something like this: At this time we have no updates on when Fox News would be available in HD on our network.


That is the honest answer by any rep, moderator on this board, and probably all the way to office of president.


Somewhere in Rogers there will be a department that negotiates carriage agreements based upon their perceived future viewership for the channel, and the cost from the provider.  CRTC has some say over HD availability, but there is nothing I could find that would provide a restriction on Fox in any manner at all.


On this thread, and others, there is lots of discussion of political explanations, CRTC, the corporations, etc.


The only thing I would recognize is that CNN has been on the air since 1980 and as a result has developed a historical viewership, whereas, Fox News has been available since 2004.


So as to the reason why Rogers, or it appears any Canadian network that I could find has not provided Fox News in HD, appears to lie with the bean counters who decide what stations will be carried, in what form.  It is no different that the ongoing changes we see every year, where British News Network was shifted around, other channels were recently removed.


It will lie with what the network wants to charge for the various streams, and then Rogers decides what carriage agreement they want to sign up for and how they want to price or bundle the network of any type.


So, I will leave the attempting to explain reasons to those who like to play political guessing - there is no evidence that I can find why it has always been SD in Canada and never in HD, but I do know it was pulled from certain packages a number of years ago, and provided as a stand alone station, rather than in any package.


So, the question comes up every once in a while, there are lots of opinions, but for me, I say, a business decision, because lets be honest here, Rogers is in the business of making the most profit and how they evaluate how to make that profit is way up the ladder of any access to information we may get, other than we don't currently provide it, you can share you desire for it, and they will let you know if changes come.


The standard answer when something is not currently available and either the answer is unknown, or there just has never been a decision made public at any point in time.


Feel free to keep answering - for me, I don't watch much news anyway left or right leaning, a lot of it is not news, it is just opinion pieces on events of the period.  I do watch CBC Sunday Morning, and documentaries on various networks. 



Maybe Scully or the Fox Mulder can give us an answer - there may be an X-file open somewhere on it.Smiley LOL





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Re: Fox News why not full HD?

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for your input. You make a lot of sense, it’s just surprising that the no. 1 leading news channel in the US would not be desirous north of the border. I just find it coincidentally strange that the news we get here is all slanted left. I’ve reached out to Fox for clarity but haven’t heard back yet. Ultimate I think they will have the most accurate reason.
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Re: Fox News why not full HD?

We live in Canada, and I personally don't try to understand broadcasting and BDU corporations anymore - their logic is beyond me. Smiley LOL 


Hope you find some answers.  I agree it is good to have choice on what perspective on the news is presented and available to us, but we do at least have it in SD. Better than nothing for now.  Rogers has never seemed to be in any hurry to make the HD stream available, along with other stations, and their reasons have always been kept private.  That is all I know.


It really comes down to the corporations involved, both from the U.S. and within Canada.


Let us know if you learn anything new.  If you do, you will be the first.



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Re: Fox News why not full HD?

I watch CNN about 15 minutes a day to remind myself of how ludicrous the Liberals are and to get another point of view, something that is being squashed by not providing Fox for free let alone in HD. The reason I only watch 15 minutes and not 15hrs like I watch Fox and other news is because after about 15 minutes I simply can’t handle the nonsense and longer and must switch to level headed reporting!
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Re: Fox News why not full HD?

15 and a 1/4 hours of news - that leaves less than 9 hours for sleep, eating, getting out of the house and coming on the forum.


Maybe a little less news and a bit more life -- Smiley LOL


I think we know why you don't like CNN, and want Fox, but there is nothing more we can offer to answer the original thread question - Fox News, why not full HD?


As for free, CNN is a bonus channel in the select, you pay for Fox, in the middle popular, it is a bonus channel.


Or how about the Canadian News theme pak at 5.00 and the American News Theme pak at 10.00 and the Internation theme pak at 5.00 and then you will have a huge range of news to watch.


If you watch 15.25 hours of news, why not a starter package, and add on the desired theme channels, and save some money - you must have little time left for any other type of TV watching.


Of are you just being facetious?


I the meantime, I think that the original thread post has been more than adequately responded to: Rox News why not full HD?  Basically, we don't know why, and nobody from a corporate level has ever told us why, just confirming it is not there and if it changes, they will announce it.

Maybe you will get an answer from Fox Corporation, but at this point, I think we are straying way off topic to the original question.  With a doubt, this is a topic that raises the ire of some, but like it or not, it is what we have got.

I have nothing more to say on the matter - enoy your news, whatever form it comes in, or may you find the view you are looking for.

Sincerely, Bruce





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Re: Fox News why not full HD?

I turned on Fox News on 181 when I got home from work today (it is my default channel), and it appears to be in Full HD now.  It fills up the standard 16x9 format of my tv, which is the whole screen.  Same goes for RT on 177.

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Re: Fox News why not full HD?

For the sake of completeness, I thought I'd reply here to your duplicate post.  As mentioned in the following link, it's not HD, but SD/AFD

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