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Adieu Rogers!

Well, at least partially, but for sure no longer an Internet and Cable TV customer... Last night, it was one of the most frustrating customer service experiences I had with Rogers. I gave them a 4-hour chance' to keep me as a customer, plus one last chance-call at around 11:45 PM that I dropped at 12:15 AM  after no one picked up the phone. Too bad they're too short-staffed and incapable to keep me, good for Bell they were ready to take my business.


So, at least regarding these services...  Adieu after almost 15 Years!!



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Re: Adieu Rogers!

Sorry to hear you are leaving. Just curious, was it a technical problem you are having? or something else? Are you unhappy with your channels? Price? Bundling? maybe one of us here can help answer any questions you have.

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Re: Adieu Rogers! -- Not yet

Bon Jour!
Well, I guess I'm back, at least momentarily. Thanks to Anna from the CR dept.
Main decision factor was that I got a reasonable deal that matched Bell's offer without the need of a contract.
Thanks again
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Re: Adieu Rogers! -- Not yet

Wow, you were lucky as well ! I didn't have this chance for Internet ... couldn't match, and worse : the first retention agent I had hung up on me when he saw I wanted to move on with the cancellation. I then moved to 3rd party without looking back, and will be transferred next week for Internet ... Landline and Wireless will follow later on probably ...

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