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Delayed Text Messages

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I've Been Around
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Delayed Text Messages

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I received a text message 26 days late!


This is the worst and has happened occasionally with my other family members sending texts to me. We all have iPhones. This is disturbing as we need to keep in touch about the care of our elderly parent. How do I go about fixing this so 100% of our messages are sent and received?





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Re: Delayed Text Messages

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Re: Delayed Text Messages

Hi @Mirian1,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for your post. 


I care for an elderly parent too, so I definitely know how important it is to send and receive messages in a timely manner. 


Was the delayed message from one specific contact?  Or have you noticed this happen with other contacts as well?  Also, were the messages received as iMessage or SMS messages? 


Kind regards,


Re: Delayed Text Messages

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I've Been Around
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Re: Delayed Text Messages

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Text messages not received from 9/22 morning to 9/25 morning


I recently had 2 network issues. 

1. I did not receive text messages sent to me between sometime the morning of 9/22 and the morning of 9/25. 8 messages came in at 6:20am on 9/25. 4 of these were text messages from 2 different users. Another 4 were "missed call notifications" for 3 calls from 9/22 morning (2 different numbers) and one on 9/24 late afternoon.

2. The missed calls on 9/22 morning are puzzling. At that time I was in an area where I have not previously had any problems with coverage. 


I did not receive any other text messages during this period. I believe that what came through morning of 9/25 were all that had been attempted over the 3 days. I did receive two iMessages during this time. 


I was able to send text messages during this time. 3 of the messages that showed up morning of 9/25 were replies to ones that I had sent over the weekend.


I received a couple of phone calls on 9/22 afternoon. So even though there were 3 calls that should have been received 9/22 morning (and I received text notifications of these on 9/25 morning), the phone did receive calls later. I did not have any problem making calls during this period. 


It seems like I had an extended problem receiving text messages, and a sporadic one receiving phone calls. I didn't know I had missed anything until 9/25 morning. I have an iPhone 6.


Any ideas?

Re: Delayed Text Messages

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Delayed Text Messages

If you go into the phone app and look at Recents, you should be able to tell if there was a gap from the morning of 9/22 to the morning of 9/25.  If that correlates with what you saw, then your phone definitely had connectivity issues.


Did you update your iPhone 6 to iOS 11?  Any chance the update was just prior to this?


Where you stationary in one location during this period?  If you did any travelling, but didn't get any messages, then that would suggest a problem with the phone during that period.  (ie, you changed towers, but still didn't get these messages).


That can happen sometimes, there can be a software or hardware issue with a device and it may need a reset or reboot to get operations back to normal.  



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