Sony Phones 2017

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Sony Phones 2017

Just wondering if there has been any news on the newer Sony phones coming to Rogers on contract? Specifically the XZ1, and XZ Premium. Hoping they aren't going the way of Amazon exclusivity.






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Re: Sony Phones 2017

Hello @tyson_kad

Unfortunately at this moment Rogers doesn't make any comments on if they will carry a phone or not. They only make comments on this when they have this information. It seems like Rogers hasn't really been signing up with Sony for their phones lately so I don't think they will. Could be a exslusive rights somewhere else.

Keep looking out on the Rogers wireless page or here and hopefully u will know later on.
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Re: Sony Phones 2017

Fortunately my daughter is now in the U.S.  She loved her Sony, then I used it for two years, and still use it as a backup, and it is a great device to wifi only for many things when I don't want to tie up my phone.


We won't know until time comes - it seems the whole marketing strategy in electronics, like cars, and new homes, is we market that they are coming, get people excited, preorder, and then we sit and wait to see if carriers are going to support it.


I look over the pre order and new phone threads, and 

@Meowmix does a great job of saying what she can say, her guesses from past experiences, but unfortunately, we are left in the dark until carriers are ready to say, one if they will carrier it, then two if they will support all features.


I cringe on what will happen when no locking comes into play -  will companies just turn a whole lot of features off on all phones, and then require us to pay a fee to dump the most recent software load and call ins for activations of features to make them work.


I know that is the way the business is now, but it is hard for me to get excited over any new device, or even buying a new model car, or new home, you just don't know what you are going go get at the end of the day, and even a house with all its legal review has huge loop holes that let just about anything change before you get the key.  and in addition, activation fees increases also just came (got to get those unlock fees back somehow).



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Sony Phones 2017

That would be unfortunate. Sony phones hit a sweet spot for my wife and I, nothing else on the market seems to check off all the boxes for us. This new bezeless trend is not something I'm all that impressed with; looks fancy and nice, but is largely impractical for holding and using the phone (in my opinion of course).


I'd sooner keep my current Z3 for 2 more years than go on contract with any of the current offerings from other manufacturers. Best phone I've owned to date.

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