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share number

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share number

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i was wondering when Rogers will decide to do something innovative on mobile side. when can we get an ability to share a number on multiple devices similar to nun number sync on AT&T. Bell is getting ready to roll it out.. I want to have a wearable with the same number as my phone and be able to have more then one phone with the same number. I have multiple devices just for fun and would love to be able to use a different phone for a different day of the week without having to take out the sim.

Rogers you are so behind on innovation. are you not interested in better products?  i don't care about customer service. give me more features foe lower price. 20 gigs for 100$ plus advanced calling options.




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Re: share number

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Re: share number

Hi @kavkaz,



I can understand the importance of mobile twinning to share a single phone number with multiple SIM cards in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other connected devices. It would definitely be convenient and efficient. We will update the Community if/when we have more information on this feature becoming available on the Rogers Network.


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